From today, these astrological signs are experiencing a flood of misfortune: nothing is going right

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If you are affected by this bad news, do not be discouraged and above all do not give up, because it is only a transitional period. A few more days of patience and things will be back to normal.

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A new week means new changes. Planets and stars are in constant motion, bringing challenges and surprises to all zodiac signs. And as always, while the week will be productive for some natives, others need to be careful when it comes to making big decisions about their relationship, career, and finances. This week starts with The sun that will meet Neptune on November 14 and 15, Which overburdens the atmosphere with a dreamy atmosphere. Mercury, The planet of communication, continues its walk in the universe and Meet PlutoA revealing transit that sheds light on all that is deep and hidden and strengthens our thoughts. Besides, when the Planet of the Depths is angry… no one can escape from it! Later in the week, a conjunction of Mars and Neptune will occur, something that will shake a coconut tree!


Positive lion

Leo tower. Source: spm

Mercury and Pluto meeting It will have a major impact on certain aspects of your life, which will put you in an uncomfortable position for part of the week. However, when the cosmic messenger passes through Sagittarius, it will bring you good luck in business. November 19thAnd the Mars retrograde collides with NeptuneIt can bring lies and betrayals. Be careful, do not confess your deepest and darkest secrets to anyone. Choose the person you tell your secrets to carefully! If you have to make an important decision, it is better to postpone it until later. When it comes to your relationships with others, whether at work or with your loved ones, if something is bothering you, don’t worry and try to stay calm no matter what.


virgin changes

Virgo is a horoscope. Source: spm

In general, your career will be fine this week. However, you may feel tremors when The Red Planet will collide with Neptune Near the end of the week. known planetary motion Bring the drama. On your part, Virgo, this could translate to Lack of motivation, dodgy offers, or promises that won’t happen. You will feel the burden of work and responsibilities, however, try not to push yourself to avoid burnout and stress. Conflicting situations can happen with your friendsWhich may prompt you to say hurtful words to them despite your caution.

The scorpion

Scorpio changes

Scorpio constellation. Source: spm

For you Scorpios, the beginning of this week looks good. However, given that Mars is in decline Right now, you might be having the worst week…and need a little more energy, especially since then work planet come back well Clash with Neptune. expect that Disagreements with relatives and problems at workThings are likely to get more complicated. However, avoid blindly trusting anyone during this time and be vigilant about your decision-making process, especially regarding your job.. The results will be good, if you do what is necessary and think twice before taking the slightest step. However, this situation will not last forever, you just need to do it Evidence of patience. Things are sure to settle down before the end of the week.

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