7 original DIY decoration ideas with pine cones for home improvement before Christmas

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We have a few pinecone ideas for you to try at home.

Centerpieces with pine cones

Centerpieces with pine cones – Source: spm

1. Original centerpieces with pine cones

Do you have little time to decorate your table? Don’t panic!

You will need: a wooden disc, three large white candles of different sizes, thread and scraps of lace or fabric, cinnamon sticks, and three pinecones. Wrap candles with scraps of fabric or lace, and add a satin bow and a cinnamon stick.

Place the candles on the wooden disc and finish off the composition by adding the pinecones.


Centerpieces – Source: spm

2. Another original idea for centerpieces with pine cones

Here is another idea for making a centerpiece with pine cones. Again, you will need large white candles and some pine cones of different sizes and you can also add some shavings of chestnuts and acorns. Arrange all the items, as you wish, inside a rectangular tray, taking care to insert the candles in the middle.

Decoration with pine cones and bark

Decoration with pine cones and bark – Source: spm

3. Pine cones and bark to decorate the tray

With peels, you can easily cover the outside of a tin can. Then all that remains is to place them on a wooden tray and add pine cones, fresh pine needles and small balls of twine.

Terracotta pots

Terracotta pots – Source: spm

4. Clay pots and pinecones

Using small terracotta pots, you can make fall place cards in a few minutes. To make it, you’ll need to fill terracotta pots with moss, place a pinecone in it, and decorate the pot with a bow of string.

If you’d like to use them on your Christmas placeholders, simply spray some faux snow spray over the composition.

Decorated terracotta pots

Decorative terracotta pots – Source: spm

5. Clay pots with candles and pinecones

Aside from place cards, terracotta pots are also ideal for use as centerpieces. You can insert candles inside the pots, as well as small plants.

Hanging pinecones

Hanging pinecones – Source: spm

6. Hang pinecones on your walls

To decorate your home interior, you can make a wall hanging decoration using pine cones, string, dried flowers, and a long branch. To light it up, you can add a garland of LED lights.

door decoration

Door decoration – Source: spm

7. Exterior door decoration in pinecones

If you are a hobbyist, you can easily create an exterior door decoration using just dried pine cones. With Christmas just around the corner, all you have to do is add a few balls and magic happens!

This DIY decoration is in keeping with the spirit of Christmas and holidays symbolizing love, sharing and solidarity.

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