Dryer: Thanks to this button, clothes dry in only 30 minutes, so you will save time

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Using the dryer may seem easy at first. Some people wear wet clothes, select a high temperature and then press the “START” button. However, with this approach, drying takes a long time and the laundry does not dry completely or is very dry. It is then advised to adopt some basic reflexes while drying to save your time and money.

How do you save time using the dryer?

To get perfectly dry and soft clothes out of the dryer, it is essential to know the characteristics of each fabric and the drying time it is suitable for. This is the full point of the button above the drum of your device.

  • Set the fastest drying speed

dryer adjustment

Dryer adjustment. Source: spm

A normal amount of clothing usually takes about 60-120 minutes to dry completely. Dense fabrics or quilts require a longer drying time while synthetic fabrics require approximately 30 minutes of drying time. Achieving fast drying requires pressing a button that requires a fast drying speed, namely synthetic fabrics. With this button correctly, a light load of clothes will dry faster than usual which greatly reduces your energy consumption. However, it should be borne in mind that some garments will not be completely dry because this edge is for light fabrics only.

Other Tips to Reduce Drying Time

Besides adjusting the drying speed, there are other tricks to improve the performance of the dryer, shorten its runtime, and maintain the quality of the fabrics. Here are some examples.

  • Sort the laundry by weight before drying

sorting laundry

Sort the laundry. Source: spm

When you put a heavy fabric like jeans or a towel inside a normal load of clothes, it takes longer for it to dry. Therefore it is necessary to pre-sort the laundry according to the weight of each item. Heavy items will be separated from light items and vice versa. This way, clothes of the same weight will dry at the same rate and be ready at the same time.

  • Put a dry towel on during the drying cycle

It is possible to speed up the drying time by adding a dry towel during the drying cycle. Universe Thick and absorbent, it helps absorb moisture remaining on other items. Thus, At the end of drying, the clothes are completely dry except for the towel, which remains slightly damp. However, it is advisable to remove the towel after 5 minutes of drying when mixed with lightweight objects. This keeps them completely dry after drying. Drying balls can be considered as another alternative. Not only does it dry clothes faster, but it also helps prevent wrinkles from forming in fabrics, reduces static electricity and softens clothes.

  • Prevent clothes from getting tangled while drying

Long, stretchy clothes can slow down drying of the laundry. In fact, leggings, tights, or stretchy sheets can easily wrap around certain items and form knots. Thus, they trap moisture within the fabrics while drying. To avoid this inconvenience, simply use a drying bag or net to protect the clothes and prevent them from getting tangled.

  • Clean the filter before drying

If you notice that your machine isn’t drying clothes properly, it might be time to empty the lint filter in the dryer that’s trapping the lint. It is best to clean it before each use of the device. To do this, remove the lint from the filter by twisting it with your fingers. Then wet the filter on both sides. Then using a nylon brush, hot water and liquid detergent, Scrub the filter to remove dirt residue that prevents steam from escaping properly. Dry it and then put the filter back in place.

If your laundry doesn’t dry properly despite your efforts, this should alert you to an internal malfunction that requires repairs by a professional.

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