Dirty curtains? The amazing trick to clean it without removing it from the window

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How to clean your curtains without removing them from the window?

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Open the blinds – Source: spm

In addition to their unpleasant aesthetic appearance, curtains when clogged with dust can lead to health problems. If some family members are allergic to dust mites, it is important to clean them regularly. As long as there are smokers in the house, the fabrics absorb the cool smell of tobacco and the smoke quickly ends up blackening them. Among the dirt and unpleasant odors, it is necessary to clean frequently.

Sure, we give you, washing curtains can often be pretty boring. Especially since the process is rather tedious: you must first disassemble it, put it in the washing machine, iron it, and then put it back together. Since this can take hours, many people end up frustrated. With it, it is quite possible to properly care for the curtains without removing them from the window. your loyal? Steam cleaner. It allows you to quickly remove dirt from fabric fibers and dissolve dust particles. Be careful, it should not be used to clean velvet curtains or delicate items.

The vacuum cleaner is a very reliable ally for cleaning curtains

Vacuum the blinds

Vacuum the blinds – Source: spm

Another particularly effective method? If you don’t want to invest in a steam vacuum cleaner, you already have the perfect alternative at home: the vacuum cleaner. Just set it to minimum power so it doesn’t pull the curtain down the tube. Moreover, when cleaning at home, always remember to vacuum the blinds to get rid of unnecessary dust. Especially to prevent it from accumulating more. To give them an aromatic touch, feel free to pour a few drops of essential oil into the device’s filter before using it.

However, whether you choose a steam cleaner or a vacuum cleaner, you will not be able to escape washing the curtains. They will certainly help you remove a fair amount of dust, but in order for it to be impeccable and restore its former shine, it is necessary to wash it. To avoid damaging the washing machine, of course, be sure to remove all hooks that support the curtains. Another golden rule: Check the label in your curtains to follow the instructions to the letter and don’t make mistakes during the wash cycle. In fact, some curtains have to be washed under special conditions. For example, if it is tulle, choose the cold water program and iron it with the iron that is barely lukewarm. Velvet curtains should always be washed in a delicate program.

Of course, as a safety measure, hand washing is safer, but no less difficult. However, it is still most recommended for cleaning delicate fabrics such as cotton that tend to shrink or discolor at higher temperatures.

good to know Hand washing curtains are not recommended for blackout curtains, as it is difficult to remove excess water afterwards.

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