Why should you put a bag of salt in the cupboard in November? The perfect solution to an annoying problem

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This spice, which is often used in cooking, has other unknown functions. In your closet, it can solve a recurring problem.

clothes in the closet

Clothes in the closet. Source: spm

Why do we put salt in the cupboard?

Salt acts as a dehumidifier for fight moisture. And for good reason, this spice is hygroscopic, allowing it to absorb water in the air.

sachet of salt

Salt bag. Source: spm

For use in cabinets exposed to moisture and to combat unpleasant odors, Simply put small canvas or tulle bags filled with coarse salt. You can also pour a few drops of the essential oil of your choice over the salt to combat the smell of dampness and perfume your closet with a subtle fragrance.

Another equally effective way to use coarse salt in the marinade is to fill the jar with this spice, then make holes in its lid. All you have to do is put it in the corner of your closet and get rid of the moisture.

Other daily uses of salt

the salt

the salt. Source: spm

How about using salt differently? Here are some tips that will come in handy in different contexts!

Caring for your broom: Soak the broom for 20 minutes in a bucket filled with hot water and coarse salt. Then rinse it and let it air dry. Thus, its effectiveness will be preserved for a longer time!

Ant fight: Is your house invaded by ants? Don’t panic: use salt! Pour it over doorsteps, window sills, or directly in the ant trail. Thus stop the ant infestation and keep them at a distance!

Clean the refrigerator: To maintain your refrigerator, forget about cleaning products, as they contain health-hazardous chemicals. Choose this brine: a handful of salt for 4 liters of hot water will do.

Cleaning the piano keys: Piano keys get dirty very quickly. To alleviate this problem, simply dip half a lemon into the salt and you will have a cleaning and bleaching agent at your disposal. Once you have finished cleaning, gently wipe the surface with a dry cloth.

sweeten your breath: Did you know that salt is used to eliminate bad breath? Simply mix baking soda and a pinch or two of salt into ½ cup of warm water. Now all you have to do is gargle and you’re done!

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