Why does the phone turn off when the battery is still charged? Your smartphone sends you a signal to act quickly

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Here is why the phone turns off at 50% and how to deal with it so that it does not recur again.

Why does my phone turn off when charged to 50%?

Reaction after the phone suddenly turns off

Reaction after the phone turns off suddenly – Source: spm

If your mobile is turned off and is only half charged, it is due to the battery. In fact, the latter should be replaced because it is broken. In general, the battery life of the phone does not exceed 3 years. In fact, the battery holds less and less charge, especially when the phone is subject to daily and continuous use.

What to do if a half-charged phone is turned off?

If you don’t plan to replace your phone battery in the short term, consider optimizing its power consumption instead.

In this case you can Uninstall unused apps that may consume more or less power. You can also turn off wifi when you are not using it. In fact, this feature is constantly looking for networks to connect to that drain the battery faster.

Charging the device in extreme temperatures, too hot or too cold, can damage the battery. Therefore, avoid leaving your phone in the sand when it is very hot or exposing it to very low temperatures.

How do you maintain your phone battery?

Phone battery at 100

100% phone battery – Source: spm

Most modern phones are equipped with lithium-ion and lithium-polymer batteries, the main disadvantage of which is their rapid decomposition. If this process cannot be avoided, you can still slow it down to enjoy your phone for as long as possible.. So it suffices to adopt kind gestures.

Do not charge the phone all night

It is not recommended to leave the phone charged overnight. In fact, Such a measure can reduce battery life by negatively affecting its obsolescencewhich will eventually destroy it in the short term.

Use the original charger to charge your phone

Using a different charger, especially one that is cheap, may damage your battery. In fact, these devices contain low-quality components. And therefore, They won’t be able to supply the necessary power your phone needs, just as they won’t be able to protect it from voltage drops. Also, not all phones use the same charging modes, fast, wireless, etc. So in order to better preserve your smartphone battery, feel free to use the charger in addition to the original cable.

Do not let the phone completely empty

If you used to wait until the last minute to charge your smartphone, know that it is a bad habit. In fact, Waiting to completely discharge your phone before you can charge it can have a devastating effect on the battery and its life. The reason is simple, isolated from the mains, the battery cells will not be able to withstand the charge. So remember to charge it before it quickly reaches 0%.

As you will see, it is essential to adopt the correct gestures if you want to conserve and extend your phone’s battery life.

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