The Cool Trick to Lower Grocery Prices at the Supermarket (Despite the High Prices)

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Some food products suffer from inflation, prompting the French to try to find solutions to reduce the cost of shopping. Here are a few.

How do you store well before winter despite the high prices?

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In the face of rising prices, many French people are looking for solutions that allow them not to go over too much of their budget when shopping. In such a situation, it is a good idea to follow all the tricks in order to stock well without having to go over its initial budget or even blow it up. Some even change their eating habits to adapt to this situation.. Fortunately, there are economical alternatives to shopping and filling your fridge before winter while respecting your budget despite the higher prices.

  • Buy fruits and vegetables to stock up on your own this winter

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Fruits and vegetables – Source: spm

To save money despite the higher prices, you can stock up on fruits and vegetables. The latter can be stored in the winter, using various methods of preservation. you can Buy them fresh, and prepare them in salads by keeping them in jars. It is also possible to boil vegetables to put later in the freezer. So you will just have to take out your preparations to reheat or consume them. As for fruits, you can prepare fruit salads, simply keep them in the freezer or make fruit compote or jam.

  • Buy in bulk for winter storage

For winter storage despite the high prices, you can change your habits with Buy in larger quantities, which will allow you to stock up for several weeks. For example, you can buy meat that you put in freezer bags. Also works with non-food items such as laundry detergent and toothpaste as well as other non-perishable items.

  • Save money with mobile apps for winter essentials

Mobile apps can also help you save money when shopping. For example, you can find an app like “Shopmium”, which Offers to refund part of your products after purchase, based on the cashback system. Simply shop as usual and scan your receipt. Then submit a photo of your ticket via the app. You can have the funds returned directly to your bank account, within about 48 hours, depending on the application.

  • Change your consumption habits for better winter storage

To reduce spending when shopping, you can buy products with “short dates”, that is, those whose expiration date is near. These products are often sold at half price in supermarkets. Finally you can Switch to Group Cooking and pre-cook your dishes for consumption during the week or monthBy eating the same dish several times, you can save money.

To save money and store well before winter hits, feel free to apply these few tips anytime.

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