Put a towel in the fridge: a great money-saving trick

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If we store our food in the refrigerator, it will be precisely so that it will remain in good condition for longer. Hunting: They can end up deteriorating due to excess moisture. The latter causes the rapid growth of mold, bad odors, and bacteria that break down fruits and vegetables. So we will give you solutions to better protect them.

Why do we put a tea towel in the refrigerator?

Tea towels in the kitchen

Tea towels in the kitchen – Source: spm

As you know, to stay healthy, it is important to eat a variety of good fruits and vegetables every day. Unfortunately, if we don’t take some precautions, these foods have a short shelf life. How do you avoid wasting?

Tea towels, rags, napkins…these are precious allies in the house. We use it regularly to wipe different surfaces and a variety of items. But, there is also another very clever use that few people know about. Why is it fun to put a tea towel in the fridge? Because its texture is highly absorbent and therefore has the ability to absorb any excess moisture that may damage fruits and vegetables. This way, you will be able to preserve the freshness of the food for a longer time.

How do I do ? Simply take fresh towels or tea rags (clean of course!) and place them on the shelves of the refrigerator. Then install the most delicate food products on them, those that tend to spoil more quickly such as deli meats, cheese, fruits and vegetables. And voila: the tea towel will absorb excess moisture, thus protecting all your food from mold and bacteria.

Other ways to reduce humidity in the refrigerator

food in the fridge

Food in the fridge – Source: spm

  • Have you thought about putting a dehumidifier in the refrigerator? It is also very useful for absorbing moisture, neutralizing unwanted odors and eliminating ethylene accumulated in fruits and vegetables (a gas that accelerates ripening).
  • Another logical option: try to reduce the openings and closing the refrigerator door as much as possible. This is how you can ensure the correct moisture balance inside the appliance. Because by opening this door too often or not closing it properly, the hot air that enters will cause the phenomenon of condensation which then turns into moisture or frost.
  • If you want to test a natural remedy, you can count on the benefits of baking soda. This white powder has the ability to reduce moisture and eliminate unpleasant odors. Simply pour it into a container that you will fit inside the refrigerator. Once a month, don’t forget to empty and refill it.

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