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Decorative jars are very common in the bathroom: they are used in particular for storing cotton pads, bath salts, washing capsules or other accessories. But keeping an empty piece will be especially helpful for your hair routine. No need to go buy some, surely you have a whole set of them in the cupboard or on the kitchen shelf. Get one, keep it in your bathroom, and try this amazing trick.

Jar head: to take care of your hair

empty jar

Empty jar – Source: spm

More and more people are increasing their hair care, both at the hairdresser and at home. To care for their hair, they use more natural, non-aggressive products. It must be said, because shampoos do not always have a very good reputation. Reviews about its regular use are very mixed. Because many people are concerned about its sometimes harmful effects on the hair, especially if the washes are very frequent. It should already be noted that it contains various chemicals that can attack the scalp in the long run. In focus: sulfate. This surfactant is commonly used in shampoos because it acts as a washing base that removes all the dirt and makes the product more lather. The problem is that it can be very harsh on the scalp, especially for people with dry, curly or frizzy hair.

Admittedly, more and more brands are making an effort to launch healthy and eco-friendly products into the market, but caution is always required. This is why it is highly recommended that you avoid applying shampoo directly to your scalp so as not to irritate it. The best solution is to dilute it with water and wash your hair with this mixture. This is where our famous empty jar comes in! By using it, you will get better effect. As a bonus, you can use it as much as you want.

How to proceed?

  • Pour a small amount of shampoo into the jar and add enough water to dissolve it properly.
  • Slightly stir the resulting mixture.
  • Pour it onto your scalp and massage generously.
  • Thanks to this technology, your shampoo will lather better: rest assured, it’s safe for those with fine, damaged or brittle hair.

This solution is easy to use and effective, and it’s also economical, because you only use a little shampoo. And if you pour more than expected, don’t worry, it can stay in the jar and you can use it next time. No more waste!

What type of shampoo should I choose?

wash her hair

Wash your hair – Source: spm

Of course, not all components of shampoo are systematically harmful. Some of them are beneficial for the health of your hair and scalp.

Here are the ingredients that have been validated by beauty experts:

  • Natural ingredients like argan oil and jojoba oil are known to moisturize the scalp skin and soften the hair shaft.
  • If you suffer from hair loss, bet especially on niacin, which contains vitamin B3, or on plant-based caffeine, especially suitable for thin and brittle hair.
  • For those who have dry, wavy or curly hair, choose shampoos that contain essential oils (lavender, ylang-ylang), glycerin or shea butter to gain softness and shine.

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