Can you find the frog in this picture? However it is very visible

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Can you find the frog in this optical illusion?


occult frog optical illusion – source: spm

Optical illusions are wonderful images that trick our brains and eyes. It has been around for a few centuries already, but has grown exponentially in the last decade. And you’ve definitely noticed it spreading on social media lately. Every day, we discover new and exciting mysteries that spark the enthusiasm of Internet users. Today’s visual challenge is sure to blow your mind.

In the photo above, we are shown a pile of black rocks or stones, probably near a coal mine. With the naked eye, except for a few weeds here and there, nothing else. However, at the heart of these stones of all sizes is actually a small toad. You will have to hurry to locate it, because the time imposed is 15 seconds.

Remember that optical illusions are a great way to test your intelligence, so they require a great deal of focus and close observation. Do not leave anything to chance, try to capture all the interesting details.

Simple tip: To avoid wasting too much time, focus on the right side of the image.

solve the challenge

Did you notice the frog at this point? If so, you deserve the applause. As we told you above, very few people have succeeded in meeting this challenge. In fact, exercise is particularly difficult. If you can do this without exceeding the time limit, congratulations on your fantastic visual acuity and your very sharp mind.

If you still can’t find this pesky frog, it’s not too bad. Since this is an optical illusion, it is very easy to confuse this animal with one of the small stones. So your looks and your mind can be easily shaken. Don’t worry, we’ll reveal where he’s hiding. If you lost, find out the solution in the image below.

frog solution

Optical Illusion Solution – Source: spm

Yes, the frog was in the right part of the picture, sitting quietly on a rock. Because of its stone-like color, it is very difficult to detect it quickly.

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