Only the smartest can find the polar bear in this picture in less than 20 seconds

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Do you want to test your visual and mental agility? This challenge is for you! You have 20 seconds to try to find the polar bear hiding in this optical illusion. It is far from simple, but the game is worth it!

Can you find the polar bear hidden in this picture in 20 seconds?

Polar bear

Optical Illusion – Source: spm

Does this picture make you cool? Rest assured, your brain will warm up quickly! As you can see, it is a majestic landscape with mountains covered with snow. Usually, in this type of setting, it is not uncommon to find polar bears. At first glance, the place looks deserted. But, really, there is one lurking around the corner. Of course, we must bear in mind that this is an optical illusion, the manifestations of which are often deceptive. It is up to you to use all your visual and cognitive skills to guide your mind and try to unravel the mystery.

But beware, as often happens in this type of exercise, there is a reversal period: you will have only 25 seconds to find the animal in question. Too much time for some and too short for others. To find a polar bear, you should carefully look at the photo and examine all the details. do you want help? So take a look at the right of the image, it may help you.

Polar bear test: the solution

Spotting a polar bear in the middle of snow is like trying to find a needle in a haystack. Not easy at all! But if some handle the challenge brilliantly, it is because the difficulty is relative. One thing is for sure, if you can actually locate the animal, you can be proud of yourself. You have great vision and amazing vigilance.

On the other hand, if snow takes over and you can’t see anything else, we won’t leave you in the dark anymore. In the image below, the animal’s head is enclosed in a black circle. Admittedly, his black eyes are barely noticeable, but on the right side of the picture our bear was hiding.

polar bear answers

Optical Illusion Solution – Source: spm

Tell yourself that the more complex and demanding the puzzles, the more challenging your brain will be. So never throw in the towel out of sheer laziness. Even if you are over organizing time, try to double your senses to find the solution. In general, IQ tests are highly regarded by psychologists for analyzing a person’s IQ. You will often find it on the Internet in the form of pictures, fun puzzles, series of numbers … Do you still have some free time? Motivate yourself by practicing other visual tests.

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