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With heavy smartphone usage, the battery tends to run out. In order to better preserve the autonomy of the latter, some gestures will have to be adopted and others will be banned.

Many people adopt the reflex of charging their phones at night when they go to bed. But leaving your smartphone plugged in overnight is not without its consequences.

What happens if you charge your smartphone overnight?

Smart phone charging at night

Smartphone charging at night. Source: spm

Even if smartphones are more powerful, it is always difficult to find a device with a battery that can last Full Day without recharging it frequently. Therefore, you may have the habit of hooking up your mobile phone When you go to bed to find your smartphone charged to maximum capacity when you wake up. But is it really a good idea?

Charging your smartphone overnight has negative consequences for your device

Smartphone Charge

Charge smartphone. Source: spm

If you are in the habit of charging your mobile phone at night before bed, you are making a mistake because it damages your smartphone battery. By leaving your mobile phone plugged in for several hours when it reaches 100%, you will do it You only need to use its battery which will no longer be effective. Although smartphones have software that automatically terminates charging when it reaches its maximum limit, the device can partially discharge it. Thus, the battery will undergo small charges throughout the night, causing damage to your smartphone in the long run. It is therefore advised not to leave your mobile phone plugged in when it reaches 100% but instead to recharge it gradually during the day.

What are the tips for charging your smartphone properly?

Smart phone with empty battery

Smart phone with empty battery. Source: spm

To properly recharge your smartphone battery, you have to adopt some habits but also kick some to keep them for a long time.

  • Recharge the smartphone between 30% and 80% to conserve battery

The Smart phone batteries Maintains better battery life when charging between 30% and 80%. Anyway, that’s what Dominic Schulte, managing director of German battery technology consultancy, recommends. engineering batteryIn an article published on the site interested in trade. The expert explains that in order for the battery to last longer, it is recommended not to wait until the battery is dead or charged to the maximum. It is also recommended to charge the device preferably in the morning.

  • Avoid using the smartphone while charging

When charging, your smartphone should not be used to avoid overheating. This may affect the quality of your device’s battery.

  • Avoid using an unsuitable smartphone charger

to keep Good battery performance From your smartphone, it is important to use the original charger provided by the manufacturer when purchasing. USB ports are expressed in amperes and they determine the charging speed of your smartphone. If you are You no longer have your original chargerchoose a charger with the same amperage.

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