Is capsule cleaner harmful to the washing machine? A plumber says we’re using it the wrong way

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Find out now how using capsule cleaner can damage your washing machine.

Can detergent capsules damage a washing machine?

capsule cleaners

Capsule cleaners. Source: spm

You don’t know it, but the capsule packaging can damage your washing machine, especially when it is used To wash at low temperature or during short washing cycles. In fact, the thickest part of the capsule may not dissolve and its components may stain clothing or cylinder walls. In addition, the undissolved parts of the capsules can emit an unpleasant odor and clog the tubes.

How do you properly use capsule cleaner for each wash?

Put the detergent capsule in the washing machine

Put the detergent capsule into the washing machine. Source: spm

To use the capsule cleaner properly, when washing in the washing machine, remember to carefully check the capsule packaging. The manufacturer usually indicates the temperature must be used. Programs lasting 15-30 minutes may be too short. Certain programs for wool or delicate fabrics may prevent the capsule from dissolving properly.

What are the pros and cons of using detergent capsules?

As you can imagine, capsule cleaner has its share of advantages and disadvantages. Its main advantage is ease of use. In fact, you do not need to proceed to any dose. One capsule may be enough to wash soiled clothes. On the other hand, given its low enzyme content, It is better to wash clothes and dirt Easier to remove, colors shine better saved. Besides, the capsule is easily soluble and works efficiently at 30-40 degrees. Finally, this type of detergent is environmentally friendly, does not contain allergens and can be stored easily unlike bulky detergent bags that require a lot of space.

On the negative side, it should be noted that the cost of detergent in capsules is relatively high. In fact, it is more expensive than washing powder. Not to mention that multiple washes can’t be done with just one capsule.

What should you do if you find leftover detergent on your clothes?

If you find detergent residue on your clothes, it simply means that the capsule has not completely dissolved. usually, This can be caused by an overload in the washing machine or from a rather short wash cycle.

When you find yourself in such a situation, remember to re-wash the clothes as soon as possible without adding detergent and without overloading the washer. Finally, do not put the stained clothes in the dryer. When exposed to heat, stains will be more difficult to remove.

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