How to heat an apartment without a radiator?

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This year more than ever, we’re wondering if we’ll qualify for the frigid winter. In order to anticipate this situation, every gesture, no matter how small, will be useful for fighting a cold.

Warm up with a hair dryer

You may not have thought about it, but a hair dryer can do a lot of things for you and not just your hair. In fact, this should be known An average hair dryer heats up from 50 to 125 ° C in just a few seconds. So it’s a great way to get instant high heat. Here are some practical uses:

  • Warm her body with a hair dryer : For an instant heat stroke, when you come home or stay put for a long time, just plug in a hair dryer and run it all over your body, insisting on the ends for a few minutes, it’s more efficient than a cooler.
  • Warm your bed before bed: What could be more annoying than sleeping in a cold, damp bed. To remedy this, blow hot air with a hair dryer on your mattress, sheets, and quilt and you can spend the night in a very warm bed.
  • Warm your clothes before you put them on: Waking up in the morning, choosing your clothes and taking off your hot pajamas into icy clothes is a real ordeal…so forget the ordeal, warm your clothes with a bit of a hair dryer.

to note that A hair dryer should always be handled with care, for short periods of time. In fact, This device can Danger of electric shock and fire. Also, avoid covering it, being close to a piece of cloth, or using it near a water source. Also be aware of the risk of overheating, which could damage the device.

Hair Dryer

Hair Dryer. Source: spm

Other tips for heating without heating

Any gesture will be useful to feel warm at home in the winter. Here are some simple tips to achieve this and improve your well-being:

  • hWarmly dress: Even if it’s obvious, dressing by bundling several warm clothes (a jacket, thick socks, or a wool or wool scarf) is essential. he is It is necessary to wear good quality long-sleeved underwear It is preferable to wear clothes close to the body. Loose cuts promote fresh air.
  • Use home textiles to heat your home: In this way, they can act as heat insulators. You can thus, sCover the floor with carpets and install thick curtains on the windows to reduce heat loss. In addition, remember to always have plaids and blankets on hand and why not use a small bottle of hot water to stay warm.
  • Avoid drafts: Enemy number one, because cold air drastically lowers the temperature of your home. Therefore, it is necessary to take care to keep doors and windows closed, or even block them if you notice that air is infiltrating them.
  • Let the sun in It is one of the natural sources of heat, do not hesitate to take advantage of it. During the hottest periods of the day, ventilate your apartment for 15 minutes to let in the rays the sun Penetrate and warm your home.
  • Close the blinds at night: As soon as night falls, remember to close the blinds and blinds to avoid heat loss.
  • Hot drinks: One of the most effective ways Increasing body temperature is by drinking good tea, hot chocolate or soup generousJust to warm up.
  • Playing sports: Movement is the surest way to warm up, so avoid staying still for too long, especially for people who work remotely and who spend time sitting in front of a computer screen. Get up regularly to take a few steps and why not get active and do some housework.
Warm up in winter

Warm up in the winter. Source: spm

Here you are ready to face the extreme cold at a lower cost while maintaining your well-being. Because after all, the only place you can feel comfortable is at home, of course!

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