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How to heat an apartment without a radiator?

This year more than ever, we’re wondering if we’ll qualify for the frigid winter. In order to anticipate this situation, every gesture, no matter how small, will be useful for fighting a cold.

Warm up with a hair dryer

You may not have thought about it, but a hair dryer can do a lot of things for you and not just your hair. In fact, this should be known An average hair dryer heats up from 50 to 125 ° C in just a few seconds. So it’s a great way to get instant high heat. Here are some practical uses:

to note that A hair dryer should always be handled with care, for short periods of time. In fact, This device can Danger of electric shock and fire. Also, avoid covering it, being close to a piece of cloth, or using it near a water source. Also be aware of the risk of overheating, which could damage the device.

Hair Dryer. Source: spm

Other tips for heating without heating

Any gesture will be useful to feel warm at home in the winter. Here are some simple tips to achieve this and improve your well-being:

Warm up in the winter. Source: spm

Here you are ready to face the extreme cold at a lower cost while maintaining your well-being. Because after all, the only place you can feel comfortable is at home, of course!

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