Do you use Uber? Why you should always take a picture of the car before you get in it

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Uber has simplified our daily lives!

uber car

Uber car – Source: spm

Some people cannot live without it. And for good reason: Uber has revolutionized the landscape in the transportation sector. You can get a driver in a few minutes via your smartphone. It doesn’t matter what time or where you are. Everything is done to make your life easier. Payment is made automatically and you can navigate your city at the touch of a button, literally. The interface of the application is very easy to use, vehicles are often available in almost every corner of the city and at reasonable prices. In other words, millions of people around the world are benefiting from this luxurious service.

But for a time, Uber has faced heated debate: There are various complaints against certain drivers, both in the US and in Europe. Reports of misconduct, harassment and sexual assault have tarnished the platform’s image. Against the background of the scandal, it is clear that there is a flaw in the system and that the company should be more vigilant when hiring its employees.

Also, as a safety measure, it would be a good idea to take some precautions. Whether you’re taking your first trip with Uber or just used to, we’ve put together some tips to make your trip safer.

NB : Know that you can always access essential information, such as the driver’s contact details and vehicle registration number. You can also see where you are in real time and send your flight details to loved ones (who want to know if you’ve arrived safely) or to the person waiting for you at your destination.

What do you do when the driver arrives?

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smiling driver – source: spm

In addition to sharing your real-time location with a family member or friend when you get on an Uber ride, there are other actions you can take to make this taxi service safer and more convenient. They are specifically aimed at making it clear to the driver that you do not take things too seriously and that you want to prevent any possible mishap. Tell yourself that vigilance should always be required.
First important tip: Check the car model, license plate and driver photo on the app, before you go in. Ask the driver to confirm all these data. It goes without saying that if you have the slightest suspicion or if you notice anything suspicious, you should immediately refuse to board.

Why take a picture of the car before entering?

Take an Uber

Get an Uber – Source: spm

Then we advise you to take a picture of the vehicle with its license plate and driver. Send it directly to your contacts. This is the best way to protect yourself and reassure you if something goes wrong. If the driver seems upset and asks you for an account, feel free to tell him: “ Excuse me for taking your picture, but my husband (my father or brother) specifically asked me“.

And that’s not all. When you open the door, before getting into the car, pull the window. Once inside, make sure the vehicle is not equipped with a child safety system. If so, you can remove it yourself once you get to the window. Also, in the worst case scenario, if you have to break the window for your own safety, you can use the headrest to save yourself.

NB : To avoid any inconvenience, it is always best to sit directly behind the driver.

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