The benefits of detoxing your hair from time to time

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Do you suffer from oily fast hair or sensitive scalp? Then the health of your hair and scalp may be out of balance and leave chemical residues on your head.

That’s why it’s important to detoxify your hair from time to time with a detoxifying shampoo.

What is a detox shampoo or a purifying shampoo?

A detox shampoo, which is also called a purifying shampoo or a deep cleansing shampoo, is a completely cleansing shampoo that allows your hair and scalp to be deeply cleansed.

This detox ensures that the blood circulation of your scalp is stimulated and thus you get shinier hair. Your hair will also become less greasy thanks to the detox. “Regular” shampoos are mainly for gentle cleansing, while detoxifying shampoos clean well.

Why use a detoxifier for your hair and scalp?

Every day, your hair and scalp encounter harmful substances and the buildup of hair care products. A good shampoo should actually clean your hair really well, but it often doesn’t.

To give your hair a boost, it is recommended to detoxify your strands. This means a therapeutic cleansing effect for your hair. This detoxifying shampoo not only helps your scalp but also frees your hair of toxins such as chemical residues from hair care products and harmful substances from the environment.

How often should I use a detox shampoo?

How often you should treat your hair with a detoxing shampoo depends on your hair type. You don’t need to detoxify your hair every day. It is recommended to detoxify your hair once every 2-3 weeks with a detox shampoo.

Detoxing hair does not replace the use of good quality shampoo, but it is a good supplement. Do you use a lot of hair care products and styling tools? So it is recommended to detoxify your hair more often.

Can you detoxify your hair with colored hair?

You can only detoxify your hair occasionally, even if you have colored hair.

Use a detox shampoo: how do you do it?

Apply the detoxifying shampoo to your hair and scalp. Carefully massage the shampoo in gently from the roots to the tips of your hair. Then rinse your hair well and use the shampoo and conditioner (sulfate and paraben free) of your choice to care for the hair and seal the scalp.

Example of a detox shampoo

You can choose your shampoo according to your hair quality and you can ask your hair stylist for advice.

For example, we will quote KEVIN.MURPHY MAXI.WASH, it is safe for dyed hair. Attention, this is mainly about permanent coloring. The toner in your hair is more susceptible to detoxifying shampoos.

Kevin Murphy Detox Shampoo is a detoxifying shampoo that removes oil, dirt and excess products from your hair. The shampoo ensures that your hair is completely clean. The essential oils penetrate deeply, lighten hair and purify oily and flaky scalps. It “removes stress” from the hair and soothes the scalp.

The shampoo smells good and fresh thanks to the blend of lemon, mint and rosemary. Detoxing alpha hydroxy acids (also called alpha hydroxy acids or fruit acids) are natural acids that exfoliate the top layer of your skin. The Carica Papaya extract in the shampoo dissolves dead skin cells.

MAXI.WASH ensures the right balance as it regulates sebum production and gives your hair and scalp a healthy base. This is the starting point for a balanced and healthy hair and scalp care. That’s why KEVIN.MURPY has included this essential ingredient in the KMX brand’s skincare ritual.


Start your exfoliating routine with MAXI.WASH. Massage the detoxifier into your hair and scalp, then work it into your hair with stroking motions. If necessary, apply a hot towel to your hair to open up the scales. This allows your locks to better absorb the MASQUE care ingredients in step 3. Rinse MAXI.WASH well.

If your hair needs extra care, apply KEVIN.MURPHYMASQUE and leave it on for 5-10 minutes.

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