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An easy technique to keep curls long: do it before you curl your hair

The trick to making curls and waves last longer
Do you want your curls to always be in place? We all have a problem when we talk about episodes? You probably recognize her, just beautiful curls or waves made with a curling iron.

After two hours I looked in the mirror and the disappointment is great! Episodes are nowhere to be found! It’s every woman’s hair nightmare. Especially on special occasions, when time is often not on our side.

Why do curls fall out?

The texture and thickness of your hair have a huge impact on your curls. Unfortunately, we cannot influence this. The texture and thickness of your hair is genetically determined. So we have to thank Mum and Dad for that :-).

If your hair is thick and heavy, the curls will fall out faster. But don’t worry, we have the magic solution for that.

The way you curl your hair also determines how long it lasts. If you get the technique wrong, there’s a good chance your pretty curls will disappoint you pretty quickly!

One mistake that we women often make is over-tightening our hair when drying. As a result, the hair is already very tired before it starts to curl.

This week, we came across a TikTok video in which beauty influencer Kelsey Griffin shows a trick to making curls in natural straight hair last longer. The trick: Apply styling mousse to dry hair before styling with a curling iron.

Hair mousse for dry hair

The idea of ​​applying mousse to dry hair can create a feeling of disgust. Of course, you don’t want your hair to be sticky or lumpy. Tried anyway.

You will be amazed at the result. First, apply a product with heat protection and wait (or blow dry) until the hair is completely dry. Then apply a generous amount of mousse to your dry strands.

Apply the mousse to your hair with your hands or a brush. Let your hair dry again, and then curl your hair as usual.

You can then tell us how you found this technique.

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