Do you use WhatsApp? You should beware of this version that hacks your phones and steals your data

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Smartphone owners should be wary of this alternative version of WhatsApp. In fact, there is a modified version called “YoWhatsApp” that is currently spreading malware (Triada) to infected devices.

A man doing hacking

A man doing hacking. Source: spm

Why should smartphone owners beware of this unofficial version of WhatsApp?

Once you have downloaded the “YoWhatsApp” application on your smartphone, Allows hackers to control each user’s data Thus, to control all their accounts.

WhatsApp and other apps on Android

WhatsApp and other applications on the Android operating system. Source: spm

Apps like “YoWhatsApp” can be downloaded without going through the Google Play Store. reason, Android users are frequent targets for hacking. Unlike iOS devices, where the process seems complicated or impossible, due to its secure system.

As noted by Kaspersky experts, this hacking method is increasingly used, in order to facilitate the distribution of malicious applications. This is particularly the case with “Triada”, a malware capable of stealing a user’s instant messaging account and then using it to send messages to their contacts. This simultaneously allows hackers to extort money from users whose smartphone has been infected with malware by making them sign up for paid subscriptions without their knowledge. That is why it is important to detect spyware on your phone to remove it as soon as possible.

Thanks to the Triada malware, hackers have done too Full SMS access to users, allowing them to validate their bank confirmation code. That is why Kaspersky experts are urging users not to use unofficial versions of various applications, especially those related to WhatsApp. Hence, people who have already downloaded “YoWhatsApp” and any other alternative version of this instant messenger are required to uninstall the app and clean their smartphone.

Malware detection

Malware detection. Source: spm

What is the Triada program that infects the majority of smartphones?

trinity It is part of the malware or malware that made a lot of noise in 2017 and 2019. It is pre-installed on many low-cost smartphones, including “Nomu” or “LEAGOO” brand devices. Kaspersky experts remind users of this These pre-installed apps make them sign up for an unwanted paid subscription and at the same time you lose control of their account.

Along the same lines, any Android user should be reminded of the importance of deleting a number of unwanted apps. These are usually apps that contain malware. So feel free to uninstall all potentially dangerous applications from your device.

So caution should be exercised for smartphone owners and especially Android users. So and before downloading certain apps, feel free to do an in-depth research to determine their source as well as their source.

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