Always keep aluminum foil in your pocket: it saves you from an annoying problem

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aluminum ball

aluminum ball – source: spm

How to get rid of static electricity with aluminum foil?

This is a problem that returns like a boom every year during this cold period. This is static electricity in the hair. Due to dry air, wearing hats in winter and constant drying, this pest infects most people, especially women with long hair. And having hair that frequently stands on the head like shaggy hair is hardly too much fun. How to adjust and smooth your skin to look flawless? There is a great trick that you have to adopt. For this you should always have a piece of aluminum foil on hand.

Since it is impermeable to air, water and light, it will save the day in an instant. In fact, you just need to use a strap to pass it all over the hair. Rub a piece of aluminum foil over your strands from roots to ends. Your hair will be perfectly tamed: no more frizz and static electricity. That’s why you should always carry some in your pocket or purse. At any time of the day, you can solve this problem with caution!

Static electricity in hair

Static electricity in hair – Source: spm

What causes static electricity in hair?

This phenomenon occurs when there is friction between your hair and another object, such as your hairbrush, your coat, a scarf, or a woolen hat. This causes the electrons to rub against your hair, leaving it charged with an electrical charge. Dry air is also a catalyst. In general, when the air becomes humid, this static charge immediately disappears. But if your hair itself is very dry and damaged, you will feel this problem more.

Remember, the effect is magnified in winter: the cold temperature outside and the hot, dry air inside lead to arid conditions that cause a lot of static electricity.

Aluminum foil certainly has many beneficial uses, including the ability to reduce this static phenomenon. But we still stress that its effect on electrified hair is only temporary. It will save you some time during the day, but it won’t solve the problem in depth. To effectively combat this phenomenon, it is absolutely necessary to bet on proper care. Especially during the fall and winter seasons, make sure to nourish and moisturize your hair regularly to keep it looking soft and smooth. Especially dry, brittle hair that remains more sensitive and exposed to static electricity.

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