What is a nicotine substitute to help you quit smoking?

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Nicotine patches: decreasing doses

Using nicotine patches is a practical solution to making Quit Smoking. Simply apply the nicotine patch to the skin and gradually spread the substance into the body through the skin. Thus, the patch ensures a healthy daily supply of nicotine to the body. Avoids toxic products from tobacco combustion. Examples include carbon monoxide, irritants, and carcinogenic tar.

During the withdrawal period, the patch helps to avoid the many symptoms caused by the lack of nicotine in the body. The seal has strength Gradual release of nicotine which lasts about 24 hours. This process promotes a smoother elimination of addiction that is more tolerable for the body. The nicotine patches can be weaned off at three intervals with decreasing doses of nicotine.

It can last from 3 to 6 months, with successively increasing nicotine doses of 21 mg, then 14 mg and finally 7 mg during the three phases of the withdrawal process. These decreasing doses are less aggressive to the nicotine receptors in the body and brain, making it possible to avoid withdrawal symptoms as much as possible.

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How do lozenges work at the time of nicotine release?

The nicotine emulsion It is also a very practical solution that many adopt to quit smoking. To use it, just suck it up like a regular emulsion. Its duration in the mouth is about thirty minutes, during which it ensures a gradual release of nicotine. When the lozenge dissolves, the nicotine molecules are absorbed directly through the blood vessels under the tongue. The preparation thus supplies the blood with a gradual dose of the main active ingredient of tobacco to eliminate the risk of withdrawal-related symptoms.

This solution not only helps in the treatment of physical addiction through the intake of nicotine, but also helps in the treatment of behavioral addiction. In fact, the craving to smoke can last on average 3-4 minutes after its onset. The process of sucking the emulsion occupy the mind until the craving is gone. This solution can be adopted for temporary abstinenceReducing smoking or permanently quitting smoking.

Oral nicotine spray with atomizer

For those looking for a Fast-acting nicotine replacementSmoking cessation spray is an interesting option. This solution allows you to instantly fight smoking cravings. It also supplies the body with nicotine, which relieves the symptoms of smoking cessation.

The oral nicotine spray It uses the same absorption pathway as nicotine lozenges. The active substance is absorbed through the blood vessels in the oral cavity. The solution brings a small amount of nicotine into the blood, which is effective in relieving the unpleasant sensations associated with withdrawal. The most addictive smoker profiles can make a maximum of two sprays each time the spray is used. It is not recommended to exceed 64 sprays in 16 hours in 24 hours.

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