These zodiac signs will have a very bad day in the magical date 11/11/2022: Fate does not give them a gift

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Since the Sun in Scorpio meets Saturn, the planet of discipline and karma, you will likely feel guilty for failing to achieve the goals you set for yourself. However, don’t let that feeling stop you from putting in the effort and trying your luck again.

What are the three zodiac signs for whom fate keeps a bad day on November 11?

On November 11, the Moon will be in a waning rising position in the carefree sign of Gemini.During this day it will be difficult for you to focus which causes you to Delay and scheduling problems. Also, it would be best to take a step back and try to understand your feelings before expressing yourself. When The moon rises in GeminiThis is not the time and when to make serious decisions Decreases in this air signIt is a moment of emotional instability and a certain tension with others.

the Bull

bad day bull

Taurus sign. Source: spm

Sun and Saturn meeting on November 11 It can cause a crisis in your relationships, which can make them very vulnerable. But if you take a closer look, you will be able to identify the source of the problems and solve them. So don’t give up and know that it is always When you are about to give up, you are closer to the finish line. The original inhabitants of the sign of Taurus, do not rush to conclusions, be patient, because all your worries will soon be resolved.


bad day lion

Leo Tower. Source: spm

This November 11th will be enough Unbalanced professionally, but also in terms of your responsibilities to your family. The people who will be affected will tell you directly. With all of these things happening simultaneously, you will no doubt be under stress. You will then wonder if you are really willing to compromise so that your relationship works and your loved one feels good. If the answer is “no”, Don’t blame yourself or put more pressure on yourself. If something bothers you, just talk about it as well to clear things up, but if something doesn’t work, that’s okay. After all, there’s no point in stressing out for just one day, right? Dear Leo friends, wait and see how things unfold to be absolutely sure of your decisions.


Bad day Aquarius

Aquarius. Source: spm

Dear aboriginals of the element of air, on November 11th the sun will finally collide with Saturn, socket planet personal pronoun , What can cause you Criticize yourself and pay attention to how people treat you. Remember one important thing: Never feel personally targeted, Because the way a person treats you is always indicative of their self-perception. However, even though you feel like everything is going well, try to do it Keep a positive mindBecause this is what will allow you to change for the better.

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