The trick to cleaning windows without leaving streaks and leaving them clean 3 times longer

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Discover this inexpensive product that will restore shine and sparkle to your windows!

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How to prepare a household cleaner that does not leave streaks?

You no longer need to spend on commercial window cleaners. You just need to prepare a homemade product from two components. It is cheap, efficient and environmentally friendly. You only need… water and white vinegar to do it!

Mix the ingredients in a ratio of 1: 1. Then pour the mixture into a jar. To reduce the vinegar smell, you can add a few mint or lavender leaves to your homemade liquid. Close the jar and leave it in a cool place for several hours so that the mixture can absorb the aroma of the plants. Then remove the added plants and pour the mixture into a spray bottle. The liquid is ready to use! A microfiber cloth will be most appropriate when cleaning windows.


Glycerin – Source: spm

How do you get font-free windows? This is a cheap treatment

Tired of the effects constantly appearing on your windows? You can fix it with glycerin. You can buy it for 4 euros for 100 ml (this amount is enough to clean the windows of a 4-bedroom house for 6 months). Not only is it a cheap trick, but it is also very easy to use. All you have to do is add a few drops of glycerin to the glass cleaner you used to use. Thanks to its use on windows, an invisible coating will be created that will prevent streaks from remaining. The liquid will also protect the windows from dust that settles on them.

A popular drink as an effective treatment for streaks?

How to clean the windows so as not to leave traces? Although you can find many window cleaning products in stores, they are not only expensive, but they do not necessarily achieve the desired effect. Fortunately, reliable, homemade methods can help you get windows that shine.

The following method may seem unusual, but it is rather laborious. In the fight against stains, a popular drink from the refrigerator will help us. Classic cola will be quite effective against dirty windows. Soak a washcloth in Coke and wash your windows thoroughly. The acidity of the cola will do the trick. In the next step, rinse with lukewarm water to remove drink residue and wipe with a clean, dry microfiber cloth. Your windows will regain their luster.

There is no need to spend on detergents to restore the shine of windows. Some home remedies are more effective.

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