The easy and economical trick to staying warm at home without turning on the heating

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Here are some tips and tricks that will let you feel warm without having to turn on the heating.

How do you stay warm without turning on the heating?

woman in pajamas

woman in pajamas. Source: spm

In order to spend the winter months warm at home, be sure to choose the right pajamas. In fact, some textiles keep us cool when it’s hot, while others warm us when it’s cold.

For this, feel free to treat yourself to pajamas made of wool or cotton. It is a cheap product with a price of about 20 euros. The latter is A great option because it helps regulate temperature, allowing air to circulate without your body losing heat. Its natural warmth.

Good return on investment because this type of clothing can last over time provided it is well maintained.

Other tips for staying warm at home without turning on the heating

insulating windows

Insulating windows. Source: spm

It’s no surprise that winter comes with its share of cold. In order to better protect yourself and stay warm at home during this season, without consuming more, consider applying these few tips.

reflect heat: To better distribute heat inside your home, Use reflective panels, or even aluminum foil Placed behind the radiator. In this way, the heat will be returned to the room and the latter will be completely heated.

Roof intrusion protection: The roof is undoubtedly the part of your home that protects you the most from the cold. On the other hand, if it is poorly insulated, Cold and dampness will penetrate into your home, causing heat loss 30%. In this case, the power consumption will be greater. To avoid this from happening, it is important to contact a professional who can check the waterproofing of your roof and then tell you what improvements need to be made.

Correctly insulate the joints of windows: To avoid heat loss, check the condition of your windows. In fact, it is not uncommon Drafts Costs enter your home from the gaps, in particular, If window seals are damaged. If so, buy new ones and put them on the damaged windows.

Improving wall insulation: Walls can also cause heat loss due to poor insulation. First check their condition, and if you find small holes, fill them with putty. finally, If the gaps are more important, consider filling them with help polystyrene or insulating wool. In addition, choose wall paint carefully. There is already an insulating paint that protects your home from the cold. How to proceed? Just apply it like any other regular paint. In conclusion, you can also use cork. Sold in rolls, the latter is placed on the wall and provides excellent insulation.

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