Gas pump scam: If you fall into the trap, they steal your money

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After visiting the gas station, some people realized that they were the victims of an elaborate scam. When they paid for the fuel, they were vulnerable to credit card fraud.

How does a gas station scam happen?

service station

service station. Source: spm

As in the case of ATMs, the risks of cloning cards are very high! Fraudsters can actually insert an illegal card reader into an ATM to copy your data from your card and thus steal your money by making fraudulent transactions.

In 2016, customers of a service station located in Bretwell were victims of having their bank cards hacked. The fraudster installed a scraper on an ATM (the scraper is a device that connects the fraudsters to an ATM – an automated teller machine – to reproduce the bank card data of their victims).

In addition, in the Paris region, a fraud was discovered in eleven car parks or service stations between February and April of this year, as reported by the newspaper. 20 minutes. This is the installation of pirate chests affixed to the station.

To guard against this type of fraud, it is best to take precautionary measures.

How can you protect yourself from this type of fraud?

In addition to paying in cash, other precautions should be taken into account when paying at an ATM.

  • Use your hand to cover the keyboard : Hidden cameras can be installed to retrieve your code! Also, never use an ATM if you notice that someone is standing near you.
  • Remember to regularly check your account balance. If you notice any abnormal activity, notify your bank branch immediately.
  • Stay alert for anything that appears abnormal at the ATM. If it’s sluggish or freezing, or if it asks for your PIN more than once, there’s a chance it has a scraper. It is also necessary to pay attention to the fraudulent installation of a credit card reader.

Another form of fraud: fake fuel cards

gift card

Win a gift card. Source: spm

Have you ever seen this ad on Facebook and other social networks: Earn TotalEnergies Gift Cards that let you redeem 200 liters of fuel for free. When prices keep rising, such an offer is rarely overlooked, especially if the concept seems simple: Play an online game! On social media, posts about it look professional, accompanied by comments from people claiming to have this generous ticket.

When you win this coupon, you have to pay, via your credit card, the meager 1.95 euros. A netizen reported to our colleagues from TF1 that after a long time, he did not receive the gift card he had promised, but nevertheless noted that deductions were made on his account (including ignoring the issuer).

Consequently, distributor-level scams are becoming increasingly complex. It is essential to take precautionary measures to protect yourself and thwart the rules of scammers.

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