Can you find the iguana hidden in this park in less than 11 seconds?

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Specifically, the test we propose today is all the rage on social networks. Only the smartest and smartest will be able to solve this IQ test in less than 11 seconds. In the form of an optical illusion, this illustration invites you to spot the iguana hiding there. Can you meet this thorny challenge?

Can you find the hidden animal in this park?

hidden iguana

Optical Illusion – Source: spm

Something that interests you: Only 1% success? This challenge must be very complex. But if you have the spirit of competition, then do not miss the opportunity. It will heighten your senses to shine and win!

Green as far as the eye can see in this photo. So it is a wonderful lush garden that reveals various elements: apart from the trees and greenery, there is also a bench, a lamppost, a fountain … But somewhere, in this beautiful green place, hides a discreet animal. It is precisely an iguana. For those who do not know, it is a reptile, native to tropical America, which is similar to a large lizard. A small peculiarity: its color is generally green, although it sometimes turns blue or orange depending on the species. Be that as it may, the difficulty is even greater, because it risks blending into the background: this is not surprising, since this is in fact an optical illusion. So the task will not be easy. However, some have managed to locate it without much effort and without exceeding the imposed time. We remind you: you have only 11 seconds to find the animal. Gather all your attention and improve your visual acuity to find this iguana.

Here is the solution to the challenge

This optical illusion is an original way to test your intelligence. But we realize that it is a particularly delicate exercise that requires great abilities of observation and concentration. While some accepted the challenge, others literally gave their tongue to the cat. what about you? Have you been able to detect reptiles or not yet?

Take a closer look around the trees, especially the branches on the left side of the photo. If you notice again in this area, you will be able to detect its presence. The iguana, in fact, is sitting on one of the branches. Congratulations if you found it after a few seconds. If not, it doesn’t matter. The more you do this type of exercise, the more you will be able to gain all kinds of reflexes.

The solution is below:

The hidden iguana solution

Optical Illusion Solution – Source: spm

What is an optical illusion?

As you already know, optical illusions usually help you quickly assess your IQ. Moreover, researchers often use this type of instrument to monitor the functioning of the brain and to better understand the human mind. Especially in the field of psychoanalysis. Indeed, with a unique scenario, the image can evoke different points of view according to the perception of each. You should know that there are 3 types of optical illusions: physical, physiological, and cognitive. It is mostly an eye-catching image that changes shape depending on the angle it is viewed from. The brain can perceive objects or images differently: Perception is often far from reality.

What are the benefits of intelligence tests?

Intelligence tests are performed and used by professionals to accurately determine each person’s IQ. But nowadays, many people are resorting to such tests to get rid of stress and get away from everyday life. It is also very useful for children: parents can train them to develop their brains and imaginations. Those who are able to quickly find hidden details in certain images have great intelligence and highly developed cognitive abilities.

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