Annoyed by cold calling? Here’s the trick to ending it permanently

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You can take steps to reduce or even eliminate these types of calls. We suggest you try Alternatives that allow you to get rid of them of these unwanted calls.

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How to put an end to unwanted calls from call centers?

If you’re getting a lot of downward phone calls in a call center, here’s how to stop them:

  • Sign up for the opposition list of phone votes to block this type of call

When a marketer calls you over the phone, You have the right to ask them to delete your information from their database. Something can also be done thanks to the site It’s free to sign up for Voting opposition list in which you can register your landline or mobile phone number. This approach should allow you a 3-year renewable term so that call centers don’t bother you for business purposes.

If you have received your Bloctel registration confirmation and after 30 days you still receive the disputed call, You can report this by going to the SignalConso website and filling out a form, according to

Note, however, that Bloctel does not support all cold calling since then You can still receive calls from non-profit associations that do not conduct commercial prospecting. However, this should not be a hindrance in the strict sense of the word because campaigns of this type of organization run seasonal campaigns. So these calls are not considered out of time because they are scattered enough in time so as not to disturb you.

Receive a call from the call center

Receive a call from the call center. Source: spm

What are the other solutions to put an end to call center harassment?

In addition to registering for the opposition list of scanning votes via Bloctel phone, you can also apply some effective tips to put an end to this type of unwanted calls:

Answer the call and don’t hang up right away

It may sound contradictory, but you should know that as long as you don’t give a clear answer to the delegates, they will keep calling you until they get one, even if it’s negative. Since you will always be considered interested, they will record you as “unreachable” afterwards Their software will automatically create a call to your destination after a few days.

It is also important to choose your words carefully when drafting your denial or request for a stay of appeal. If you tell them you’re sorry and you don’t have time to talk right now, This assumes that you will have time later and be able to respond. Because even though the canvasser understood it was a respectful refusal, he sometimes has to repeat the call. To prevent this from happening, ask him to put you on a no-contact list.

Remember to block numbers from call centers

Another way to put an end to annoying calls from call centers is to simply block the number. However, this method has its limitations since many call centers You often use a different phone number.

In another register, you can identify unknown numbers calling you. Whether it is a call center or a person, there are ways to reveal the number, by downloading apps from the Play Store like Truecaller that will automatically display the unknown number information.

Spam calls from call centers cause frustration. These solutions can help you overcome this inconvenience.

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