The trick to removing a broken key in a lock without calling an expensive locksmith

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Check out these handy tips that can come in handy when your key gets stuck in the lock by trying to pull it out yourself first.

Broken key in the lock

Broken key in the lock – Source: spm

How to remove a broken key from the lock?

It is very important to be patient and focused when the key is broken in the lock and you have to remove it from the lock again. Warning: before changing the lock, the key must always be in the vertical starting position. Also, you have to be very careful when doing this. Otherwise, it may happen that the broken key slips deeper into the lock, thereby destroying your chances of success. If that fails, the only option is to contact a locksmith.

Push the switch to the other side

This method turned out to be the easiest, but it only works if you have a double-sided door lock and a second key. You also need to go to the other side of the door to do this. So if you don’t have access to the lock on the other side of the door, you can forget about this trick. The approach is simple: just use the second key to “push” the broken key to the other side of the door.

saw blades

Saw blades – Source: spm

Remove the key from the lock with a jigsaw blade

The screw and mounting saw blades are small, long, thin, and toothed. They are similar to tools that locksmiths use and are available at DIY stores. You can use a hacksaw to remove a broken key by sliding it into the lock (teeth down, like a regular key). The goal is to grab the teeth of the broken key blade and make it slide out.

Remove the key from the lock using a screwdriver

With a little luck and a lot of patience, you can extract the key with a screwdriver. Take the thinnest possible model and put the screwdriver from below, trying to pass through the hole in the bit. The switch can then be pulled forward slightly so that it can be grasped with tweezers, pliers, or even fingertips.

Tip: If you don’t have a small screwdriver, you can also try using a straight paper clip or a needle. The more accurate it is, the higher the chances of success.

Door handle with code lock

Door handle with code lock – Source: spm

How does a code lock work?

If you choose a mechanical code lock, unlocking the door will only be possible after entering a secret code. This code, made up of numbers and/or letters, acts as a key. It is not necessary to have a power supply to install this type of lock, so they can continue to work even in the event of a power outage which can be due to various factors. These locks can be installed indoors and outdoors.

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