The trick is to charge the phone battery for free without electricity: you will save

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Find out if it is possible to charge the phone without spending a penny on electricity.

How do you charge your phone without electricity?

solar phone charger

Solar phone charger. Source: spm

There really is a way your phone is always charged without having to plug it into an electrical outlet: Get an external solar battery!

It’s a device that, using its own tiny photovoltaic panels, makes it possible to capture and store solar energy to charge phones.

To recharge the external battery, simply expose it to sunlight; It will fill up automatically. It is an effective solution to save your electricity bills and at the same time protect the planet!

What are the types of external solar cell phone batteries?

solar power bank for phone

External solar battery for phone. Source: spm

There are two types of solar chargers:

Without internal battery: When connected to your phone, these devices can charge if they are exposed to sunlight and the sun is shining enough. In this way, the energy is used immediately.

With internal battery: These devices can store energy captured directly from solar radiation. So you can use it later to charge your phone. The most commonly used solar chargers are those equipped with an internal battery. In fact, a battery with a capacity of more than 20,000 mAh can allow the phone to be recharged several times.

Some models are equipped with LED lights that indicate the charging status and also act as a night light. Also, although this is not the purpose of this purchase, the solar charger with internal battery can still be charged with electricity like any other Powerbank.

What are the other advantages of a solar phone charger?

Charge your phone without electricity

Charge your phone without electricity. Source: spm

Effective at recharging your phone at will, multiple times and without electricity, the solar charger also remains waterproof when faced with bumps and other dust. So it can be used in various outdoor conditions.

You can put it in your backpack when you travel to remote places where the power grid is not wide enough. In addition, the solar phone charger does not require any special maintenance. And for good reason, it doesn’t have an electrical circuit like cell phone chargers do. You just have to keep the mini solar panels clean.

When you charge your mobile phone with an electric charger, circuits can be changed and therefore your phone can be damaged. Basically, an electric phone charger converts alternating current into direct current to charge the phone battery. On the other hand, the solar charger will not damage your mobile phone. the secret ? They only provide the direct current produced by the solar panels.

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