The secret lock in the back door has an unknown but very useful function. Why this ?

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What is the car rear door lock used for?

car rear door lock

Car tailgate lock – Source: spm

Fortunately, the majority of cars are equipped with several safety systems. One of the most popular and effective, which was introduced a few years ago, is the famous tailgate lock. Once activated, the door can only be opened from the outside: therefore, if your child in the back tries to pull the inner handle for fun, there is no danger of the door opening from the outside. Accident because it will lock completely. So you will have peace of mind whether the car is in motion or when it is stationary.

Note that this lock can have several forms. Sometimes it’s a small lever that you can move with your finger. But there are also different switches or buttons that you can operate. The lock can usually be electrically activated in newer cars.

Depending on the make and model, the tailgate lock lever is sometimes clearly indicated (eg with a diagram of the silhouette of a child). But there are also vehicles in which the lock is represented by a small icon in the lock area. For more information on how it works, it is always advisable to read the manual.

Only one small flaw in the tailgate lock system

child sitting in the car

Child sitting in the car – Source: spm

As you understand, closing the tailgate is very practical and, above all, reassuring, when you are transporting small children or “vulnerable” people in the back seat who may accidentally open the door on the road, or when they stop at a red light point, and lead to a dangerous situation.

The only drawback of this forced lock: it is impossible to escape from the car in the event of an accident. In fact, since they cannot open the door, passengers in the back will only have the option to open the window to try to reach the outside door handle. Provided, of course, that the window itself is not locked by the driver. The latter, in fact, has a protection switch on the control panel in its window. It therefore has the option to activate or deactivate the rear window opening function.

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