Pearly Blond: Hit the color of the new season

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This coloring breaks the record for popularity. Pearly blonde is the color that has won many women.

Pearly blonde is a more modern take on platinum blonde. The big difference is that the tone is slightly warmer, leaning more towards champagne blonde than gray blonde.

If you are wondering whether this type of dye is suitable for you, we immediately answer yes. However, you need to know how to match this coloring.

Pearl Blond Season 2023

Pearly blonde will be at the top of hair trends in 2023. Why is this luminous color so popular? For two reasons. First of all, this blonde is luminous – it brightens the face, rejuvenates it and means that you do not need to add much to your appearance.

Secondly, an experienced hairdresser will adapt this trend to each client. All this made the specific dyeing method reach the color of the year 2023!

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