Or should you hide valuables in the house? Places thieves never thought of

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7 places to hide your valuables at home

Entering a house thief

A thief enters a house – Source: spm

Unfortunately, unless you have sophisticated security equipment, homes today are not immune to burglars. Some are increasingly intelligent, often finding a way to commit their crimes. But if you use a little creativity and corruption, you can thwart their evil intentions. Some people are so afraid of the theft of their valuables that they complicate their lives: they keep them in somewhat secret places that they find difficult to access.

However, thieves are not fooled and already know most of the traditional hiding places. So the idea is to be smarter than them and choose unexpected places. It is up to you to innovate to protect your valuables from potential theft. For maximum security, it may be best to use common items to camouflage your jewelry, for example. Depending on the item’s size and type, the best places to hide valuables are those that thieves are not likely to look for. Especially hard-to-reach, messy or dull places.

  • hollow book

This trick is well known in movies and TV shows. It really works if you have a library full of books. The thief will not have time to open them all and will quickly get frustrated. Hollow books can be ordered online or a simple DIY can be used.

  • rhinestone

Want to hide an important key? Put it in a decorative rock-shaped safe. You can easily make one yourself: attach a small plastic bottle to an ordinary stone. Bury it in the garden, leaving the hard mineral mass on the surface.

  • Wall Clock

This is an unusual place to keep valuables. A normal clock will work fine: just put the items in the back panel. If there isn’t enough space, make an extra space out of the cardboard. Using your imagination, you will keep your valuables safe.

  • air evacuation hatch

Another interesting method we often see in detective films. It is enough to install an exhaust hatch in the bathroom or hallway, near the ceiling. The thief wouldn’t even notice. This scam has become so popular that some companies are producing fake ones just to mitigate the problem of theft.

  • Thermometer

A simple thermometer can save the day. If there is enough space in it, you can hide a valuable piece of jewelry or a valuable key.

  • security

In most cases, a safe remains the safest way to protect your valuables. Especially if it is sunk into the wall, behind a huge and heavy sofa, or tucked into a dusty old closet.

  • wood door

Have you ever thought about hiding your valuables in the door? And neither are we! But there is a clever way to do it. You need to get a small metal container. Put valuables in it and close it carefully. Make a hole in the top edge of the wooden door and put the container there. If you want to remove it, just use a regular magnet. And voila!

Where should you keep your money?

A cache of valuables

A cache of valuables – Source: spm

Like your valuables, if you keep a large amount of money at home, it would be wise to consider hiding the money safely.

Here are some places you might not have thought of:

  • In a small bag that hangs around the neck or under trousers at the ankle.
  • In the inner pockets of the jackets. Or better yet, in the pockets of some underwear that definitely won’t attract attention.
  • Have you ever heard of the cash belt? In the form of a regular belt, it has a zipper where you can store your tickets. But be careful, if you are sleeping and carry it with you, thieves can easily remove it.

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