How do you recover and delete all the data that companies have about you on the Internet?

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More and more sites, for various reasons, are recording users’ email identifiers or other personal data. Those who do so legitimately, allow their visitors to delete their account or other information about them, as called for by the EU General Data Protection Regulation. But what happens when users leave traces of their online traffic? Or have they forgotten the hundreds of services they subscribe to? A simple application that makes it possible to invoke this “right to be forgotten” and unsubscribe from all sites that host their personal information.

How do companies retrieve the personal data that companies hold about you on the Internet?

There is a very simple way to identify the companies that hold your personal data. It is a data control application. It allows you to identify 90% of the companies that collect your information on their servers.

  • Say Mine, a data control app

Tell me

Tell me. Source: spm

In January 2020, Tel Aviv-based company Mine launched an app that combs through all your old emails to give you insight into your old registered accounts and the advertising messages you had to accept online. It is thus based on European regulations that, since 2018, make it possible to protect users’ personal data. This includes sending an email to companies asking them to delete all this confidential information from their server.

  • Find out which companies store your data

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just give up On site and give them access to your mailbox by clicking “Start” and then on “Next”. In a few seconds, the Say Mine app will show, based on your fingerprint, the number of companies holding your data. Then click “See any companies”. From now on, a new page is displayed with logos, company names and buttons to retrieve your data. By keeping an eye on this list, you will better protect yourself from future data breaches.

  • Say Mine Personal Data Recovery

Once you have a look at the list of companies hosting your data, select one and hit “Recover”. A new tab appears on the site It allows you to access information about the Company, the types of data shared with it, the risks of exposure to your data, and the emails you have received from the relevant service. By taking this information into consideration, you will be able to choose whether or not you want to recover your data. If so, click “Refund” and then “Submit Request”. You will then be able to track your application online on the application website.

Say Mine also attaches importance to the confidentiality of its users’ data.

data privacy

Data privacy. Source: iStock

Mine also has a privacy policy that preserves the best data of its users. The company’s co-founder and CEO, Gal Ringel, tells FAST COMPANY, an American technology business magazine The site does not keep any trace of the emails or contents of the users. After processing it, the company only saves your name, email address, and a list of companies that sent you a message.

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