Heating expert says don’t turn off unused radiators: it can increase your energy bills

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If you think you’re doing the right thing by turning off unused heaters, you’ll probably change your mind after reading the following article.

Why don’t you turn off unused heaters?


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Radiators are used to heat rooms in the house when temperatures drop and feel cold. But with the current crisis and rising energy prices, some savings are necessary. Thus, Most people think they can save money by turning off heaters while they are away.. But is it really a good idea? This expert has finally come up with an answer you might not have expected.

  • Turning off the cooler can increase your energy bill

Check the coolant

Check the coolant. Source: spm

According to the English expert Ben Price, founder of Heatable and as reported by the “Daily Express”, Turning off the heating in unused rooms in your home can increase your energy consumption and therefore your electric bill. Turning off heaters when you go to work or when you are away is a bad idea. Also, heaters will tend to overheat when you turn them back on. Once the kettle is turned on again, it will produce more energy to heat up faster. This will risk significantly increasing its energy consumption. Aside from receiving a huge bill, it can also damage your equipment. reason, Not recommended Completely turn off your heating system. In this case, just remember to lower the temperature a few degrees when you are away. The ideal temperature would be between 19 and 20 degrees during the day and no lower than 16 degrees on the weekends or when you go to work.

How can you save energy when using radiators?


radiators. Source: spm

To avoid excessive energy consumption, you can simply lower the temperature of your heating appliances. However, do not reduce the temperature drastically, at the risk of cooling all the rooms in your house.. So make sure the temperature fluctuates between 18°C ​​and 21°C. In addition, here are some tips to reduce your energy bill.

  • Disinfect radiators to save money

To get the most out of your radiators, especially after long months of non-use, Remember to bleed your heaters to be sure they Smooth operation and prolong their service life. You will then be able to heat your home without increasing the coolant thermostat.

  • Insulate your home so your radiators don’t overheat

To properly retain heat indoors, it is necessary to avoid heat loss. Remember to insulate the attic as well as the walls of your home. This will prevent you from constantly overheating the radiators.

To save energy, all you have to do is change some habits and adopt responsible behavior to avoid excessive energy consumption. For example, you can cover yourself well when you are at home and light the fireplace, if you have one.

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