Why is the coolant not connected to a power strip in winter?

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Ideal for powering multiple electronics and home appliances at the same time, power strips can be dangerous when overloaded, especially with powerful home appliances, such as a radiator. Is there a risk in doing this?

Proper use of energy bars is very important to avoid any danger. This is the main reason why you should not connect the cooler to a power strip!

Why shouldn’t the electric heater be connected to a power strip?

Power strip with connecting cables

Power strip with connecting cables. Source: spm

The coolant (and other devices, for that matter) could cause a short circuit or even a fire if plugged into a power strip! The power strip does not have enough electrical flux to properly operate a heater… By connecting too many appliances, the voltage can increase, which can lead to overheating. ITherefore it is very important to always plug the heater into a wall outlet!

It is recommended not to exceed the power of the power strip on the home electrical network. When left overloaded for a long time, its temperature can reach 200 degrees in a few minutes and start a fire.

What mistakes should not be made with coolant?

Put your hands on the cooler

Put your hands on the radiator. Source: spm

Needless to say, electrical appliances are among the main causes of house fires. Here are the things to remove when you want to use your cooler!

Use your coolant even if it is faulty

Before connecting the coolant to the mains, remember to check its condition first. Check the condition of the cable carefully to make sure it does not get hot to the touch when the heater is on. If you suspect anything, don’t use it!

Putting furniture near the radiator

radiator near furniture

Radiator near the furniture. Source: spm

Before turning on the radiator, it is important to place it away from furniture (sofas, chairs, etc.). Being close to these objects may damage leather and other fabrics. In addition, the heat is not sufficiently circulated in the room. Then it would be a shame to pay for energy consumption without benefiting from it!

Not maintaining your coolant

It is better to store the coolant in a dry place to avoid rust. Also wrap it in a blanket to prevent dust and other dirt from accumulating inside. When it is completely closed and cools down, remove the accumulated dust inside and outside with a vacuum cleaner or a rag, for example. Although the cooler appears to be in good condition, it still needs maintenance at regular intervals. You can contact a professional to check and report all issues with your device to avoid any potential risks!

Finally, it is important to make the security of your home your top priority. If you have children, consider showing them how to use the heater properly to avoid any danger.

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