Why does the phone heat up while charging and how to fix it?

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If you find your phone gets unusually hot, especially when charging, you’ll need to take some steps to cool it down I will dwell on the origin of this problem.

Phone overheating

Phone overheating – Source: spm

Why does your smartphone overheat while charging?

The reasons for your phone to overheat while charging may be due to use cable and poor quality charger. It can also happen, when you leave apps running while your smartphone is charging, resulting in increased power consumption.

Constant use of the phone can also be the cause of overheating. Therefore, avoid using your device while charging.

What can also increase the temperature of your smartphone while charging is where you place it. This phenomenon is exacerbated when you place it in an area that lacks ventilation, such as a bed or sofa.

How to solve the problem of overheating when charging the phone?

Update your smartphone

Although it may seem harmless, you can cool down your device by venting it, such as when using a fan to cool yourself in the heat.

Avoid sudden changes in temperature

Contrary to what some might think, Putting an overheated smartphone in the fridge or freezer is a very bad idea. Exposing the device to sudden changes in temperature may affect and damage its components.

Remove the smartphone cover

Phones should evacuate the heat and leave it in their case, it will be of no use. despite It is often recommended to use this accessory, in which case it can retain the heat emitted by the phone. So remember to remove the casing so the phone will cool down faster.

Deactivate the Bluetooth function of your smartphone

Another reason for the phone to overheat is activate the bluetooth function, without using it. If your phone is not connected to another device, Bluetooth will continue to search for a signal to connect to, which can cause your device to overheat.

Activate Airplane Mode

Airplane mode is on

Airplane mode – Source: spm

This feature allows us to charge our smartphones more quickly. Also, be aware that it can come in handy as well, in case your phone has a weak or non-existent network signal. In this case, The device will consume a lot of power searching for a network signal to connect to, Which may cause the smartphone to overheat. To avoid this, remember to use your smartphone’s Airplane mode, until you reach an area where the signal is stronger.

Disconnect your phone from other electronic devices

Avoid gathering all your appliances in one place, as this will increase the risk of overheating. Thus, Do not place the charging phone on top of a computer or tablet that is being charged or turned on.

These tips should protect you from the phone overheating especially when charging. But if you feel that the problem has become too worrying, feel free to contact experienced qualified technicians to verify that it is not a major malfunction.

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