Toilet paper, pay attention to these details: you risk clogging the toilet

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Concealed toilets that are constantly overflowing is a sign of poor drainage. And if you are not able to find the source of the problem, the reason could be the details that you often overlook.

Can toilet paper clog toilet drains?

If some Rely on their comfort by purchase Ultra soft toilet paperMost of them choose Cheap product to reduce their expenses. However, you should be aware that not all toilet paper is the same; Some have a problem It melts and clogs the tubes. When you flush the toilet, you get stuck. And since it’s impossible to remove, we’re done clogged toilets. But where exactly is the problem?

Put the toilet paper in the bowl

Put toilet paper in the bowl. Source: spm

  • How can toilet paper clog drains?

You may have already noticed that sometimes it happens that the toilet is there exchange problem And it starts to overflow when it’s the only thing you threw in there toilet paper. A rather unpleasant situation, especially if it happened to you in a public restroom or when you were invited to someone’s house. However, there are small details we don’t care about when buying this product that make a big difference: its thickness.

In fact, Toilet paper thickness and quantity It could be caused by a blockage problem. Although it might seem like a good idea to buy 3 ply toilet paperIt can still cause a big problem. a Two or three layers of paperexactly like bad qualitymay not degrade enough to pass through drains, so it is pipe glue Before sewage discharge dam. That is why it is necessary to choose the right type of paper that should be avoided Spend money getting a plumber.

toilet paper

toilet paper. Source: spm

  • What type of toilet paper should I use to prevent a toilet from clogging?

Toilet paper that does not melt They can quickly get stuck in tubes and cause them to clog. That is why it is best to choose the right type of paper, especially if you have septic tank, old plumbing fixture, fickle steering or tube aging. In general, the recommended toilet paper is the most commonly used One or two folds maximumBecause even if you use more of it to make up for the subtlety of its formula, it degrades more quickly. You can also choose Biodegradable or recycled paper It dissolves easily on contact with water. However, the fact that so little paper is used makes it possible Further reduce drainage problemsRegardless of its thickness.

How to remove a toilet blockage without calling a plumber?

in order to’Clear the blockage blocking the toilet drainwe often use suction cup. But if that doesn’t change anything, there is an effective way around the problem.

  • Unclog the toilet with an unblocking pump

A pump decompressor is a mechanical device that works like a plunger, the only difference is that it has suction capacity Much more strong. To unblock toilets, here’s what to do:

  • Pull the piston of the pump decompressor as far as possible.
  • Place it at the bottom of the toilet bowl so that it completely covers the opening.
  • Hold the plunger in place and start pumping by pulling and pushing the plunger up and down. By sucking water and air inside the toilets, it allows items clogged inside to be flushed out more easily.
unscrew pump

unscrew pump. Source: spm

In fact, the best toilet paper for your drain system is thin paper that dissolves when it comes in contact with water.

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