Side mirrors: Have you ever paid attention to these details? Nobody knows what it is for

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Car left rear view mirror

Car left side mirror – Source: spm

What are side mirrors?

When it comes to safety, one of the golden rules while driving is the correct use of side mirrors. Understand that these are not simple accessories or minor items, but rather that they play an essential role. So you must learn how to adjust it properly to ensure a safe and comfortable ride. In fact, this modification will allow the driver to control the situation even in the back. So he won’t have to turn around or lose sight of him when driving or parking.

We have already seen the purpose of the black lines on these mirrors, now let’s see how to optimally adjust them. Is there a difference between right and left tuning? Plus you never really cared about certain details!

adjust mirror

mirror tuning – source: spm

Here are the unexpected famous details to edit

How do I adjust the mirrors? First, as you should already know, the fit changes with position. Thus, the left mirror (the mirror adjacent to the driver) is not adjusted in the same way as the right mirror. In particular, it will be modified in such a way as to allow a perfect view of everything behind it. It is really important to have an excellent view of the wing and tail of the car without any obstruction. For the right mirror, it should also be set as best as possible, aiming downward. This setup will make both driving and parking easier.

But what are these details that no one has yet noticed? In addition to the fact that the tail of the car is still clearly visible, the mirror should be oriented to the left with the tailgate open. On the other hand, with regard to the right mirror, the adjustment must be made with the two doors (front and rear) clearly open. That is why the adjustment has to be done by aiming slightly downward from the left mirror. So this detail is very useful, because it indicates, by an intuitive trick, the perfect adjustment of the two side mirrors!

good to know : For novice drivers who just got their driver’s license, there is a more technical aspect to consider. In modern cars, the side mirrors can be easily adjusted by means of a push-button panel placed to the left of the driver. It is electronic, convenient and easy to use. For a better view on the road, always remember to set your car’s side mirrors correctly!

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