Whether intentionally or unintentionally, leaving the key inside the lock is a very common practice. Most people do this, as a precaution, to protect themselves from unfortunate burglary. Once the lock is securely locked, they then feel completely safe and can sleep peacefully. Do you think it keeps thieves out of your house? Nice mistake. On the contrary, you can even make it easier for them. We explain why.

Why don’t you leave the key in the lock anymore?

The door of the house is closed

The door of the house is closed – Source: spm

At first glance, leaving the key in the lock seems to be the most reasonable option to prevent any intrusions. Besides, almost all of us are used to locking the door securely without removing the key, especially at night. Until now, you naively believed that by keeping the key in the lock, it would be impossible for thieves to open your front door. Well, I was wrong. What most people don’t know is that it is much easier to break into a house when the key is in the lock!

Without knowing it, you are making it easier for attackers to enter your apartment. why ? Simply because thieves are smart and can use a regular tool to flip the lock. They won’t even need to open the latches, precisely because they’ve already been unlocked by the key inserted on the other side. From now on, always take the reaction to check if the key is still on the door, to remove it if that’s the case.

Some tips to protect yourself from thieves

A thief opens the door of the house

A thief opens the door of the house – Source: spm

Certainly, until the key is removed from the lock, no one is safe from burglary. Fortunately, there are several ways to avoid it. Here are a few.

  • For your safety, it is important that you invest in a durable and resistant armored door. Often, at first glance, this type of door immediately discourages a potential thief. Also bet on window bars or at least burglar-resistant shutters, especially if you live on the ground floor. Here again, you are blocking the way for criminals!
  • To protect yourself from thieves, it is important to maintain good relations with your neighbors. Because in the end, while you are away, your closest neighbors are likely to notice something fishy in your house. If you have a good relationship with them, they can call you right away to warn you or call the police directly. Moreover, if you are traveling, feel free to leave a spare set of keys with your friendly neighbor: he can thus bring mail inside, light the house by regularly raising the blinds, water the plants … In this way, those who watch over your house will have a signal It is clear that there is movement and that it is not deserted.
  • If you have the possibility, bet on installing a security camera outside your home. In the event of theft, this is the most practical way to identify thieves. Oftentimes break-ins or robberies are carried out without the perpetrators being able to be found. However, video surveillance remains the perfect way to monitor your home and see who sets foot there.
  • Finally, using an alarm clock is always useful. This method is still very popular in many homes. It is a very effective alternative to protect the house from theft, especially during Christmas or summer holidays.

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