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Why is it smart to wrap a doorknob with aluminum foil?

There are many misconceptions circulating about intrusions. Not at night, but during the day 86% of burglaries and a third of them occur in the presence of residents. 75% is done on weekdays, not on weekends. The main target residences and the most common intrusion points are the front door and French windows. The most popular things are computers and tablets as well as jewelry and bicycles. Let’s be vigilant!

Aluminum foil to prevent burglaries

It may sound strange, but a simple roll of aluminum foil can help keep you safe. When you leave the house or go to bed, wrap aluminum foil around the outside handle of your door, being careful not to wrinkle it too much. This trick will let you know if someone tries to break into your house. In fact, you just have to watch the paper to see if it is wrinkled, it means that someone has pressed the handle to try to break into your house. Plus, if you’re at home, the noise from paper curling can give you an alert. Moreover, just seeing the paper on the handle can deter thugs, who generally prefer to give up if something seems suspicious or unnatural to them.

To enhance the signal, especially at night, you can put a saucepan or cup on the inner handle, which will fall off with impact if an intruder activates the handle. A scenario worthy of the movie “My Mom Missed the Plane”, but it may eliminate the break-in attempts. This technique is also very useful when sleeping in a hotel room.

Prevent intrusion into your home. Source: spm

Some tips to avoid burglary

If you don’t have an alarm system or video surveillance, there are other simple and effective ways to protect yourself. Here are some deterrent tips to put in place to feel safe:

Your home security. Source: spm

So all you have to do is get the right feedback to secure your home. But if you still can’t sleep peacefully, feel free to use all the new monitoring technologies like connected alarm systems, cameras and other highly efficient smart locks. Your peace of mind is priceless.

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