When You Should Use Your Vehicle’s Air Recirculation Button (And When It’s Not Recommended)

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When it’s hot, driving can be an unpleasant experience for many of us. To face the heat do not hesitate to turn on the air conditioning. However, there are few buttons used in this case, the button for air recirculation. If some forget to use it, others, on the other hand, can abuse it.

When do you use it? Are there any actions that need to be taken before it is successful? Or should its use be limited during certain periods? Explanation.

Why use air recirculation when you want to cool the car?

air recycling

Air recycling. Source: spm

When you get into a hot car and turn on the air conditioner, remember to activate the air recirculation button as well, for a few minutes. Thus, Prevent outside air from entering Inside the passenger compartment of the car, the latter will only circulate the existing cold air inside. DrThis way, your vehicle will cool down faster.

Once you feel some recovery, remember to deactivate the air recirculation button. After about ten minutes, you can open the windows to let fresh air in.

Finally, air recirculation is practical, if you cross an area with a lot of dust or foul odors.

Why not use air recirculation in the winter?

Recycled air stores moisture inside the vehicle. If you activate it in the winter, your windows may malfunction, which will affect your vision as a driver. So do not use the air recirculation button if you have turned on the heating inside your car.

In the event that you do not have this button in your car, do not panic. It is very likely that you have a recent car model, get rid of Sensors that monitor indoor humidity levels. Your car will then perform this task automatically.

Advantages of air recirculation button

Air recirculation button

Air recirculation button. Source: spm

Recirculating the air not only keeps your air conditioner working properly, but also Reducing the penetration of pollution, odors and pollen Inside your car cabin.

In addition, air recirculation helps you keep your air filter clean for longer. Reduces pressure on the air conditioning system and thus reduces fuel consumption.

As mentioned above, the only problem is the trapping of moisture inside the car.

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