The keys F1 to F12 make it easier to work on the computer. They will save you a lot of time

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Knowing keyboard shortcuts saves time every day when using your computer. This can save you up to 3 minutes of daily use, or 1095 minutes per year! Imagine how much you can save that time!

F1 key:

The main function of the F1 key is to open a help window. For example, if you are in a folder with files and you click this button, you will launch Windows Help and Support (if you are using such a system).

F2 key:

This key allows you to name a file or folder on your computer and actually takes seconds to name the individual files. F2 can also act as a volume button.

Press Alt + Ctrl + F2 to open the document in Microsoft.

Press Ctrl + F2 to open the print preview. Select the word and press Shift + F3, this way the word begins with a capital letter.

F3 key:

Press this key if you want to open a search window in a particular program or website.

F4 key:

Whether you accidentally open a page that you don’t want to see, press Alt + F4 or Ctrl + F4. This key combination will simply close the current location without saving the files. In Word, the F4 button will repeat the last action you performed.

F5 key:

When your browser is open, press the F5 key and the page will refresh automatically. If you want to completely refresh your browser, press CTRL + F5. You can also use this button to open the Find/Change button in Word or start a new slide show in PowerPoint.

F6 key:

F6 . button

F6 button – Source: spm

If you are typing on the keyboard and want to save a few seconds, press F6 to move the cursor to the selected web browser. The combination CTRL + Shift + F6 will open a new text document. This button may also act as a volume button on some laptops.

F7 key:

If you are busy writing a document in Word, click F7 to start the spelling check.

F8 key:

F8 . button

F8 button – Source: spm

This F8 key is an advanced boot option (useful if you think you have a virus on your computer).

F9 key:

The F9 key opens an Outlook email window. On some laptops, this may reduce screen brightness.

F10 key:

The F10 button opens the application’s menu bar. If you click Shift + F10, the function bar will appear as if you have right-clicked.

F11 key:

Press F11 to enter and exit full screen mode in your web browser. In IOS, the F11 button hides all open windows (this is a good option if you have children). In Excel, pressing Shift + F11 will add a new sheet to your document.

F12 key:

In Word, clicking F12 will automatically save the document (Save As function).

Press CTRL + F12 to open the document in Microsoft Word.

Shift + F12 saves the document (like CTRL + S).

CTRL + Shift + F12 prints the document.

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