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Can you solve this very simple equation in less than 20 seconds?

Find the value of the last row in the image

Math Challenge – Source: spm

Fruits are very beneficial for health. We like to savor it as a dessert, in a smoothie, or to quench a little hunger. But today you find it unexpectedly in a mathematical puzzle. As you can see in the picture, there are cute red apples, bananas and coconuts.

This brain teaser turns out to be a great way to test your mindfulness, observation, and reasoning skills. It pushes you to push your limits and exploit your mind’s fullest potential. After it went viral on social media, it raised many questions. Concretely, you have to find the value of coconut, apple and banana.

Here is the solution to the puzzle

First, let’s go back to the value of each fruit:

So the process was as follows:

1 half coconut + 1 apple + 3 bananas = 14

Thus, the result of the final equation after applying the values ​​u200bu200bwas already 14. However, the majority of people tested were in such a hurry to solve the equation that they didn’t even notice how many bananas were on the last line.

Math Challenge Solution – Source: spm

Math Challenge Solution – Source: spm

Did you manage to solve this mathematical challenge? If so, we congratulate you for your lightness of mind and especially your sense of observation. If these numbers blow your mind, it’s time to move on. Catch up on the next challenge.

Which of these girls is different?

This visual puzzle is not that complicated. If you have an alert mind and have a tendency to solve puzzles, you will be able to quickly find the small difference in the picture. As you can see, there are dozens of girls who wear beautiful pink dresses with heart patterns. They all look the same but there is one detail that differs. If you look closely at the photo, you will quickly find out what is wrong. You have 10 seconds to try to spot this famous difference!

Visual puzzle – Source: spm

Visual puzzle solving

Admit it wasn’t that hard! If you are watching the clock, the small difference will not escape you. And if you found the girl without much effort, we congratulate you on your vitality and great abilities in observation.

However, if all these little hearts have confused your eyes and you still do not see the details that differ, then look at the photo again: in the penultimate line, to the right, a little girl appears in pink also but without the slightest pattern. Check the solution in the image below.

Visual puzzle solution – Source: spm

What is the puzzle?

A jigsaw puzzle is a form of visual puzzle, both subtle and exciting, that requires careful thinking. Many people like to solve this kind of analytical puzzles and fun games that think outside the box. To try to find the solution, you need to have a strong analytical mind, a certain agility of the brain, and a good dose of creativity. Complexity varies by puzzle. But many people find it difficult to meet the challenge. the secret of success? Practice frequently to stimulate your brain and gain good visual feedback.

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