10 ways to extend the life of your phone battery

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How do you make charging your phone last as long as possible? Find out the answers in detail.

How to charge and maintain your phone battery properly?

Recharge the smartphone

charge your phone. Source: spm

When buying a new phone, many people think of only one thing: its 100% charge. However, it is a mistake to avoid it. In fact, The mobile phone must have a minimum of resources for immediate use That’s when its battery runs out effective. The thought of charging your smartphone immediately after removing it from its packaging can damage the battery more than anything else.

It is better to charge your phone several times

Low smartphone battery

low battery. Source: spm

While this may seem logical, know that a battery charged to 100% does not offer better performance. In fact, The A good battery charge is between 20% and 80%.. Cells generally resist better, below and above these percentages. So it is It is recommended to charge your phone battery from time to time All day instead of waiting for it to be completely emptyHe lieslate in the evening.

Unplug your phone ASAP, once it’s charged to 100%

Again, charging your phone up to 100% is not recommended. In this case and If you forget that your phone was charging and it was fully charged, unplug it immediately, as you would a battery High temperature. In fact and even if most modern phones come with a protection system that allows them to avoid overheating by interrupting recharging, it is still recommended to unplug your phone before it reaches 100%.

Do not use your phone while charging

We can’t repeat it enough, when charging your phone avoid using it as it may cause the device to overheat a little bit. In fact, in addition to The heat from the load is added to that from its use, making it Rapid increase in temperature of internal components.

Turn off features you don’t use on your phone

To avoid draining your phone battery, I’m thinking of Disable features that are not necessary for you: namely, NFC and Bluetooth, significantly. When it’s active, your phone is constantly searching for nearby devices to connect to, which drains your battery drastically.

Update your phone software regularly

Updates improve the “user experience” and by the way, battery life. Some are even essential and provide a good margin of independence.

Turn off the mobile site

Many apps track your phone’s location as part of their services, using GPS, WiFi, and Bluetooth locations to maximize accuracy. To avoid wasting battery life, it is best to allow these apps to access your location services only when you are using them.

If you have an iPhone, you can go to Settings > Privacy > Location Services and set your preferences there. On Android phones, you can go to Settings > Security and location > Location > Advanced options to disable WiFi checking and Bluetooth scanning or Settings > Apps and notifications > Advanced options > App permissions to prevent apps from using location services in the background.

Use black wallpaper for your phone

If you have an AMOLED screen smartphone, prefer a black background instead. Thus, Your device will not use power to show you blackUnlike screens IPS. In addition, AMOLED technology uses light-emitting diodes that emit light when exposed to an electric current. Thus, your device will not need a backlight and the battery will be less drained.

Reduce screen brightness

Screen brightness greatly affects your phone’s battery. If you want to save battery, it is better to reduce the brightness to the lowest level, while maintaining the readability of the screen. You can also apply dark mode if you have an OLED screen phone. In fact, this mode reduces the power consumption of the screen.

Activate power saving mode

Current Android and iOS devices come with their own battery saver. These modes are particularly useful because they automatically reduce battery-draining functions, such as CPU usage, notifications, mail search, and screen brightness.

That’s it, now you know what to do to optimize your mobile battery as much as possible! With all these improvements, you can keep your battery working for up to twice as long.

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