What is the purpose of the ball under the windshield of a car? Unknown function helps

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car front panel

Car front panel – Source: spm

What is the function of this ball under the windshield of your car?

You were wondering what that weird ball under the windshield in the middle of the dashboard could be used for? Some think it’s a light sensor. Others consider it a rain sensor. Still others are convinced that it is part of the car’s security system. In fact, this unusual gadget tucked into the front panel has a direct connection to the air conditioning system. However, it has also been designed to perform various tasks.

If drivers, after buying their car, pay attention to reading the owner’s manual, then they will get acquainted with all the features of their car. Unfortunately, most people overlook this point. In particular, they will know that this ball transmits information about the intensity of sunlight to the control unit, according to which the temperature in the car is automatically adjusted. Indeed, depending on the climatic conditions, the system selects the optimal mode of operation.

If you are going to read the manual, you will also have an important caveat: you should not clog this black ball with foreign objects, or you risk deteriorating the performance of your heating and air conditioning system.

good to know : In some cases, if it does not have a direct effect on the car’s air conditioning, this cylinder under the windshield can act as an alarm indicator. If the light flashes, the car alarm is activated immediately.

Adjust car air conditioning

Adjusting the car air conditioning – Source: spm

The ideal temperature for air conditioning and heating in the car

As a general rule, if you have an automatic air conditioning system, the ideal temperature is between 21 and 22 degrees Celsius, be sure to leave it in automatic mode so that the system itself maintains a constant temperature in the air inside the car.

On the other hand, if your car has a manual air conditioner, you should try to find a similar temperature and pay attention to the power of the fan. When taking a long trip, try not to drop the temperature below 19°C in the summer or as high as 24°C in the winter.

A word of advice: When adjusting the air conditioner, be careful not to point the vents directly at your face. This can make you more tired, especially in hot air, and reduce your attention on the road. Ideally, when discharging excess heat or cold inside the passenger compartment, it is recommended that ventilation be adjusted towards the footpegs and the windshield.

NB : During the winter period, avoid driving with your coat on your back. Because even when the ideal temperature is reached inside, you risk overheating and driving will not be comfortable. On the contrary, in summer it is better to have a light hand on setting up the air conditioning, or to wear a small jacket. Because if the temperature is too low, it can lead to severe colds due to the thermal shocks to your body during the transition from a very hot outside to a very cold environment inside the car. To protect your health, sudden changes in temperature should be avoided as much as possible.

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