The first weekend in November will be unforgettable for these five signs of the zodiac: Who are they?

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The stars don’t stop and affect us constantly. With all the action going on since the beginning of November, these astrological signs are going to have a very good weekend.

What signs of the zodiac will be favorable for the first weekend of November?

first week November is almost over and some of you will have to prepare for your first weekend that is sure to be lively. Mars is retrograde in Gemini from October 30 and Jupiter is retrograde in Pisces until November 23. againstThis positively affects 5 residents of the zodiac who are about to take advantage of the beautiful weekend that the stars have decided to offer them.


Happy weekend

Aries astrological sign. Source: spm

Mars in retrograde It gives you energy to crush the negative influence of other planets. Aries residents should prepare We welcome all suggestions Which will arrive in the next few days. If you hesitate to ask increase in salaryNow might be the perfect time to do so. You are ambitious know that you deserve it more than anyone else. then, Arm yourself with patience and courage to succeed. If you feel Discomfort at workYou may finally get a revelation and decide it Leave your current job to become an employer. A single pregnancy is likely to have a great date this weekend, so get dressed and attend all the parties you are invited to.


Favorable Gemini weekend

Gemini astrological sign. Source: spm

The beginning of the weekend is approaching You will finally have a chance Restore your physical and mental energy after a peak period in the office. You should definitely make it happen, Gemini, so you can face another action-packed week, without being surprised if a small setback occurs in the process. An attractive offer may be made, and this offer in particular should not be refused. In the same way Additional income are not excluded. On the relational side, your spirited nature and vigilance will do Attract an interesting person In your life. do not forget it Mars is in retrograde They exist to revive romantic feelings and revive passion!


Cancer horoscope sign

Cancer. Source: spm

If, since the beginning of the month, you haven’t felt as fit as you had hoped, this weekend will give you a gon increase energy. On the 4th of November this year, The moon will make a short visit to Jupiter, a movement that will light up the night sky and your personal life. You are about Meet someone special Who will determine you from the first meeting. Jupiter crosses the sign of PiscesNow is the perfect time To engage in introspection Who would be able to? Save your career. If a career opportunity arises, think twice before you say ” no “, Because it can change the course of your life.


Capricorn auspicious weekend

Capricorn astrological sign. Source: spm

Luck has decided to give you a wink, Capricorn, and not give up on you this weekend. Thanks to the positive influence of the planets and stars, Smiles will always be displayed and contagious For everyone who approaches you. The past period was very difficult for you, but Jupiter left the sign of Aries for Start a new stay in PiscesAnd the Finally, your rigor and hard work will pay off. Job change, promotion, salary increase… Anyway, good news. However, be careful and do not make any hasty decisions, evaluate different scenarios, weigh the pros and cons before taking any steps.


Favorable weekend fish

Pisces. Source: spm

JupiterThe planet of achievement and success has decided to gently cover people born under the sign of Pisces, even accompanying them during the upcoming weekend. This will have a huge impact on many aspects of your life. And therefore , The focus will be on the financial and professional field. In fact, Saturday, you can find investment project takes. If so, follow your ambitions and stop at nothing. You will soon taste the fruits of your perseverance and commitment. Sundaythe original inhabitants of the water element present in Searching for true love You will finally be able Make meetings worthy of the standards They are looking for.

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