Test your intelligence: What time do you think the last hour should appear?

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When should the last seen appear?

visual test

The main purpose of this challenge goes beyond solving it. Above all, it helps stimulate your brain, to make it more flexible and responsive. In the image above, you can see five clocks in different colors, each of which displays a specific time. At first glance, it is difficult to notice whether there is a definite order to follow or a definite connection between the different timelines. But when one focuses the image and observes it, the rule that applies here can be determined at the level of hours.

Look at the picture very carefully before answering this puzzle. The answer is very simple but hard to find. Can you tell the past hour?

puzzle answer

visual test

Did you manage to find the little trick or are you just giving your tongue to the cat?

In fact, if you look carefully at the hourly time difference, you’ll notice that 42 minutes have been added in between. The first hour displays 2:31, then the second 3:13, the third 3:55 and the fourth 4:37. So, logically, the last hour should show 5:19 after adding 42 minutes to the previous time.

This type of test is very popular on the Internet: it tests your intelligence and your ability to observe. In fact, finding the solution requires more thinking than real math skills. So yes, it can annoy some and amuse others. Either way, it’s still a fun way to gauge your level of intelligence. Of course, to test your intelligence, you can find many IQ tests on the web, with different formats and different levels of difficulty.

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