Cut the Box 2023: Boy Bob is back this season

Written by hana

One of the hair trends of 2022, but now it turns out it can be added to the list of haircut trends for 2023: The boy bob.
The “Boy Bob” haircut is a looser, less “achievable” interpretation of the length of the bob from chin to collarbone where the natural texture of the hair is allowed to show through. This is a bob haircut, but it is a little natural.

Here are the hair trends for winter 2023: boy bob

This haircut is sometimes referred to as a “boyish bob” or even a “boyish bob”, taking its name from its resemblance to the men’s haircut of the ’90s, only a little longer. Despite the name, there’s nothing really masculine about the cut.

If you’re a busy woman, looking for a really modern but low maintenance cut? Then boy bob is definitely a cut for you. If you currently have long locks, you have to be brave enough to put on the scissors, because the boy bob is much shorter than the classic bob.

What’s important about this cut is the pop texture. It should be a little loose and not too stiff, it is recommended not to blow-dry your hair after washing it, but to let it air dry. This way you maintain some movement and volume.

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