A sprig of sage is enough to perfume the whole house when it’s cold: here’s how

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How to perfume the house with sage

sage leaves

Sage Leaves – Source: spm

For many people, spending time behind the stove is both satisfying and beneficial. The only problem: kitchen smells escape and invade all other rooms. So much so that it permeates the curtains, the carpets and the walls. It’s hard to have a scented home under these conditions. Have you used them to apply industrial air freshener sprays? However, they often do not mask odors properly. Even worse, the mix of scents can sometimes be overwhelming. Why not replace it from time to time with natural ingredients that will do that too?

Take, for example, sage, an aromatic plant famous for its purifying efficacy, energetic strength, and intoxicating scent. In essential oil, some use it to enhance intellectual abilities. But here we suggest that you take advantage of its culinary and aromatic virtues.

How to burn sage leaves to disinfect the house? You need a handful of dried sage (well tied), a bowl to catch the ash and sulfur (or a lighter). Light the leaves inside the pot. Gently shake to extinguish the flame. Then, bowl in hands, walk slowly around the house, taking care to cross the rooms, in order to disperse the smoke.

Instead of a regular bowl, you can also use a steamer. Burn the plant with a piece of charcoal and walk around the house to clean and purify the environment. As a bonus, it will leave a very pleasant scent all over the surroundings.

NB : You can purify the interior by spraying sage essential oil diluted with water, as an air freshener.

How to make sage incense?

Arrange dried sage leaves in an earthenware bowl and light it with a candle. Immediately after that, blow into it, and turn off the flame. This will cause the leaves to burn slowly and release all of their core.

be careful : In no event should the treatment offered be a substitute or equivalent to medical treatments or treatments. Anyone with health problems should contact their doctor.

Other tips for natural home fragrances

Aside from sage, if you want to bring a pleasant smell inside the house and camouflage the unpleasant smells of the kitchen or toilets, you can test one of these remedies.

  • Rosemary

rosemary cut

Cut rosemary – Source: spm

Rosemary is also a very popular aromatic herb in the kitchen. In addition to seasoning dishes, thanks to its antiseptic, anti-inflammatory and antioxidant properties, it is often used for medicinal purposes. Especially relieves joint pain. But, of course, in the same way as sage, it helps to purify the surrounding air and remove unpleasant odors from the premises. All you have to do is tie some dry twigs and light the end with a lighter.

  • citrus peels

Oranges, tangerines and lemons are highly recommended in winter to strengthen the immune system and prevent many seasonal diseases. But instead of throwing their bark in the trash, you can recycle them in a very ingenious way. By placing them directly on hot radiators, a delicate fresh scent will be emitted throughout the room.

  • Three options

Have you ever tried to combine the scents of orange, cinnamon and cloves? You instantly get an intense and uplifting essence. The remedy is easy to prepare: take an orange, wash it and dry it well. Then make some holes with a pin and insert the lobes one by one. Once you cover the oranges with the cloves, put them on a plate that you have previously brushed with a little ground cinnamon. Cover the oranges well with this brown powder. Next, put the oranges in a paper bag that you will keep in the shade for about a month before using them as an air freshener. You will be pleased with the result!

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