Why do we put aluminum foil on the eyes? You will be amazed at its effect

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Why do we put aluminum foil on the eyes?

Cut a piece of aluminum foil

Cut a piece of aluminum foil – Source: spm

On a daily basis, the skin is torn from all sides: it is constantly exposed to stress, fatigue, pollution, weather factors and toxic substances. All of these factors can damage, dry and warp it. No wonder you often notice puffiness and dark circles. In the form of bluish circles, these halos appear in the lower part of the eye. Lack of sleep is not the only reason. They are usually due to water retention or the growth of fatty formations in this area. As ugly and uncomfortable as they are, these pockets can get in the way of our daily lives. Then our eyes appear puffy and dull: the complexion looks poor and the face looks tired, as if it has been hit by age. Aesthetically, these pockets can make us lose confidence and play on our morale.

Of course, there are many products on the market that give the skin a good boost and give it energy and vitality. But they are usually expensive and rich in chemicals. Therefore, the trick that we are going to show you today remains an excellent alternative. Simple, fast and inexpensive… With just a little aluminum foil, you can alleviate this problem in just a few minutes! Obviously, if your dark circles are really deep and recurring, it is essential to consult a professional to apply the appropriate treatment. But in less severe cases, this substance can go a long way in helping you regain a fresher, healthier appearance.

When and how is this advice applied?

First, cut two strips of aluminum foil into squares at least twice the size of your eyes. Keep it in the freezer overnight. The next morning, if you have bad puffiness, take out the cold strips and bend them to fit your eyes tightly. Then lie down quietly and place them over your eyes, gently pressing the sheet until it fits snugly. The refreshing effect is immediate! Stay like this for 15 minutes. As soon as you remove the aluminum foil, you will see an amazing result: swelling is visibly reduced, puffiness is reduced, and your face looks less tired. Your skin looks fresher and brighter. This trick also reduces dark circles under the eyes. You should definitely give it a try!

We advise you to apply this trick in the morning: especially if you have slept poorly or stayed up late at night, if the puffiness is very pronounced and the general appearance of the face is somewhat tired. It can also be used in the evening before bed to ensure a pleasant freshness the next day.

NB: To take good care of your skin, it is always recommended to follow a balanced and healthy diet, get a restful sleep, drink plenty of water and do some physical exercise. Do not hesitate to make home masks to moisturize your skin and purify it from toxins!

A unique way to relieve joint pain

painful knee

Painful knee – Source: spm

Did you know that aluminum foil can also relieve many ailments of the body such as joint problems! If you feel pain in the knee, shoulder or hip, a few leaves can reduce the pain. All you have to do is wrap the painful area with this sheet and let it act for a few hours (preferably overnight). Repeat this procedure for at least a week so that the effect is really effective. After a few days, you will feel that the joint pain is gone.

Aluminum foil also helps relieve pain after potential burns. How to proceed? First, apply a special burning ointment and carefully wrap the affected area with aluminum foil. You will see, the pain will be relieved more quickly!

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